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Eh? Someone there? Oh! I guess I'll make an exception this time and put down my pliers before shaking hands.

Ah. I see I've been discovered. Welcome, whoever you may be, to my website. Here you will find many of my maille creations, including armor, jewelry, and the occasional sculpture. You will also find my weave instructions here; I have spent many hours on clear, concise instructions for many weaves, complete with 3D rendered images. Have a request for a weave? Email me (or find me online) and I'll consider it. In the meantime, take a look around; I'm sure you'll find something of interest. If you're interested in purchasing jewelry, my current stock is always on the web right here.

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2/03/05: I've added a new set of instructions to the site. Most of you won't need this, but complete beginners should appreciate the Simple European 4 in 1 instructions. Go check 'em out.

1/03/05: I recently posted in a couple of places that my Gmail account had been stolen. This was incorrect. I was merely incapable of remembering my password. This bulletin should be proof to anyone still suspicious that my identity has not been stolen.

21/02/05: Nine months after my last update, I have new instructions for you. They're Elfweave and Elfsheet. Enjoy.

21/5/04: I have new posters available! And they're not just of one image in a single size, oh no. You can get any image on my site in any size! Just check out the updated posters page for more information.

7/5/04: I'm delving into topics that are downright political. Please read my commentary on electronic voting, a matter far too serious to go untested. Oh, and go buy some posters!

6/5/04: I made some Viperscale instructions for you to peruse. Enjoy them. Also, I'd like you to please consider buying a poster. They're inexpensive, and everyone who has bought one so far has thought the purchase worthwhile. So take a look!

15/04/04: I've reworked the site design slightly. It's a bit more spare, and thus, I hope, easier to navigate. See those icons up top? They'll be on all of the major pages to make navigation easier.

11/04/04: One of the things that I can do now that the Library is no longer on a .edu domain is try to sell you things. Since the vast majority of my visitors are maillers themselves, I'm not going to try to sell you the maille I make. However, you might be interested in pictures of maille. It's worth a look at least, no?

All items on this site are copyright 2002 Chris Weisiger (a.k.a. Derakon). That's right - I made everything on this site. Reproduction of any of my work in whole or in part requires my express consent.