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  2. Hello everyone, just a new thing made by myself, Womens-Top with aditional spikes on it, hope you like it. :-) :-) Yours, Hans
  3. Hello, a known date when scales-large-black are available again? :-) Thanks alot :-) :-) :-)
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  6. Hi! We make this size in sxab already. 😊 For sxaa/sxma18964, there are no plans to expand to this size as a stock product at this time. There is currently 1 special of this size on the sxaa18 page, in the sxaa18532 section, in ice. This size can be ordered as a custom size. Contact (at) is you need more info.
  7. Any chance you will consider making 18 9/64 in BA? Sure other suppliers have them but not in all your beautiful colors. Using square 3/16 for JPL is not always an option. And that is not the only great weave that requires a AR of 3.
  8. I'm new to maille myself, but I'll throw out some of the concepts that have occurred to me when considering your post. It's hard to tell from the image, but that appears to be "Dragon Tooth" or possibly one of the "Half Persian" unbalanced variants with chevron base sheets joined in three orientations to create the 3D effect. The most visible rings look to be in the realm of 1/4"-ish. The bits at the top of each triad of chevrons that tend to flop out could be corrected with the creative use of slightly smaller rings to eliminate the slack. Overall, I would doubt that the maille in the image is 1/4" thick and should be pretty flexible. As for an adjustable size, that has traditionally been resolved by the incorporation of a series of buckling straps horizontally attached in a vertical line on each side from the bottom edge up to a few inches below the armpit. The straps can either bridge a slit, compress the sheet to reduce the overall diameter, or cause the sheet to form an S fold with the extra surplus maille. Part of the decision of how to accomplish the adjustability of the finished piece will be dictated by the pattern and it's orientation. Many patterns have a "grain" direction in which they don't want to compress which may be dramatically different from the behavior when compressed or stretched in some other direction. The choice for small rings is where you can quickly get into some trouble. Smaller rings can really look fantastic and the addition of colored rings means that the artisan can create a much more detailed shape or image or pattern with the color, but the number of rings increases incredibly rapidly. At a minimum, using a ring 1/2 the size will require at least 4 times as many rings. Likely much more for more interesting and complex patterns. The numbers are more intuitive in metric than imperial, so we will use those in this example. Lets say that you chose a pattern that ideally requires an AR of 5.0. You could use a ring that is 25mm across made of 5mm thick wire. (That's about an inch across with wire about as thick as a stack of 3 US Quarters). That is a seriously chunky appearance and very thick sheet. (It might be better to use those monsters for ring maille where the rings are attached flat to a cloth or other flexible material.) If you choose those nice, sexy smaller diameter ring of only 5mm made from 1mm thick wire, you will get the same stiffness or flexibility, and exactly the same pattern appearance, though with a smaller pattern unit size, but it would require at least 25 rings to cover the same area of the pattern as 1 of the large rings. Using our 10 seconds/ring assembly speed, the large 25mm ring takes 10 seconds to add. In order to create the same area of maille with the 5mm rings, you would work 25 rings for a total of 250 seconds. (4 minutes and 10 seconds) That is simply the calculation based on area. because maille requires that each ring overlaps with at least one other ring, the actual time for the 5mm rings would likely be closer to 5 minutes for a simple pattern, but could be much, much longer, depending on the complexity of the pattern and how many overlaps there are with each added ring. The reason is that the number of overlaps and depth of each overlap will reduce the area that each single ring adds to the surface of the workpiece. It's always a tradeoff between production time and ring size. Hope this helps! Cheers! caltain
  9. We will not be restocking the KXTRLWELDERKIT (the resistance welder). I'm sorry, I don't have any suggestions on where to purchase one.
  10. No updates for sxsd at this time.
  11. I'll get back to you on Monday.
  12. I'll get back to you on Monday on these.
  13. All anodized niobium is made from the nocolor. We are currently out of the 20g nocolor wire, and are expecting it to restock in about 4 or so weeks.
  14. Looks like these were just made. I will confirm with manufacturing and post again on Monday. -Jodey
  15. Hey! Can I get an ETA on SCALEAALG-GoldMirbulk Please?
  16. Thought about it, but since I wear the glove to cut down on calluses it's kind of a moot point for me.
  17. Have you heard of Plasti Dip? It's a rubberized coating you can apply in either spray or dip form. It looks like you could plug the ends and seams of those pliers' handles, then dip them to get a somewhat softer grip on the handles.
  18. Any word on the soft temper stainless?
  19. In case it helps others, I ended up going to the fabric store and getting some extra heavy weight stabilizer and sewing that on to my panel as a backing, and it worked really well!
  20. Good Morning, I am not up to speed on names of equipment and such, but I am looking to get a resistance ring welder for steel rings, and am curious if you have any suggestions, as it seems they are currently out of stock. I dont particularly want to build one, and the units currently not in stock look very nice and handy for making custom ring armor. Any chance I can get an update for when they will be back in stock, or any alternatives out there if it will be a while? Thanks for the help!
  21. Glad to be of help.
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  23. What is the eta on a restock of these items SCMed-AABLUE SCMed-AARED (I know this is the 3rd time I’ve asked about this. I have customers waiting. It has also been longer than both the previous estimates) SCALEAALG-BLUE SC-XLAA-BLK SC-XLAA-BLU SC-XLAA-BZ
  24. Fantastic, I will definitely keep all that in mind! Picked up some blue dawn and used a teaspoon in a big Tupperware, haha was plenty sudsy! Hosed off after that, then towelled them dry, hung up and gave them a go with a leaf blower (to get into/around the scales mostly), then towelled once more to make sure it was good. Lastly left them in the sun for about a half hour just for certainty and everything came out great! (No water spots or anything that I can see, and the scales even look a touch brighter!) Lol it’s certainly a sight for the clothesline! Thanks again for all the help! I’m looking to go to the Faire one more time, so probably have one more wash for the year.
  25. eta on AB14716-bulk
  26. When will the model t rotary tumbler be back in stock? KXTUMBLER-T
  27. Hi Is there an ETA for L black scales (SCALEAALG-BLKbulk)?
  28. when will see extra large bronze scales? I need for my two best selling color / design schemes.
  29. Just changed the photo of my Jolly Roger for an update. I hate the size restrictions.
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