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  3. I guess the system can be pretty confusing at times. Nice that you got it
  4. Wow, This looks so interesting! All the best for making this, I cannot imagine you making this!
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  6. For any ss16 the restock is mid to late January. The mill messed up our wire order so we are awaiting its arrival in January.
  7. This should restock Tuesday or Wednesday.
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  9. it is extremely difficult to paint rings - to get it even and have it not chip. you could paint them before you use them and get it relatively even, but no paint i know is flexible enough to put up with the pliers and the twisting of the rings open an closed, not to mention when you're done and it's being "used". you can try to paint them after you weave them, but then they're all touching each other and it's going to be uneven and they'll stick to each other.
  10. Just to be informative, but this is byzantine not a box chain.
  11. It's like a one way byzatine weave. I'll definitely have to try that.
  12. So I went ahead and bought both titanium rings and matte rings. While I was working with the titanium, I noticed that the color changes when reacting to the oils from my skin. I saw on the titanium ring page and other websites that washing with dish soap fixes that; however a co-worker of mine recommended adding a clear coat of paint to the rings after I was done working with them. I don't know how that would react with the rings, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice for or against this idea?
  13. Hello! Any ETA on SXSS191164? Thanks!
  14. Do you have a time estimate on SS1614?
  15. i could try to talk this up, but it is what it is. for better or worse, i decided to attempt a project that would push the boundaries - of reason if nothing else. 20ga 7/64" AA. below's the first 10%. i'll try to update monthly. if you've got any questions on the process, just let me know; otherwise, enjoy the ride.
  16. Im in the middle of making a mobile app for my store and I was thinking of doing a few things with it. 1. Include ring suppliers in a directory, like TRL 2. Include other maillers chainmaille stores in a directory 3. Feature other peoples work on the app. 4. Make tutorials for or have someone elses tutorials available on the app, or include multiple tutorials from various sources. This would include push notification capability that would allow businesses who are listed on the app and have an announcement to make to be able to notify everyone who has the app downloaded to their phone. My questions are: 1. Should I just make the app for my store and then make a second app with all of the rest of the content on it? 2. What type of offer should I make? I was thinking $10 a month to be listed with push notifications for announcements etc. 3. Should I make the video tutorials myself instead? Its a lot of work, I could do it, but Id rather help someone whose already doing it as Im good at building apps and have no idea how good I would be at doing tutorials. Any thoughts or questions to help think this through are appreciated!!
  17. just since you appear to be new, i want to add that not only will you need to solder/weld the links as liriel indicated, but also any amount of weight - be it small, sustained weight or an only-slightly-less-small jerk - will seriously warp the links. the only thing i'd even consider making with them might be some small earrings or MAYBE a low AR necklace.
  18. It will be very expensive either way, but I'd say make them. 1) You can better ensure the quality of the finished ring, 2) buying wire and making rings yourself tends to be cheaper, 3) it can be rather difficult sometimes to estimate how many rings you are going to need and the last thing you'll want is to come short and have to buy more gold,and 4) you'll have a greater range of ring sizes. As for who carries 18k rose gold, 20ga: go to Pasternak Findings. They're a supply company in Israel and are excellent. I buy all my large quantity silver orders from them. They have free international shipping for orders of $500 and greater.
  19. I've seen similar on Etsy. Try searching there for "jewelry bar spacer."
  20. I am looking for the below finding. The rings appear to be 20G 1/8". Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.
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  22. UPDATE: lime is currently in the tank Turquoise is upcoming
  23. This post is to help you sort through your shipping options if you need your order delivered by Christmas Day. We assume you want the parcel to arrive on or by December 21, 2018. We will ship your order using the shipping service you request at the time of order. We will ship your order as soon as the items in it are ready or as soon as we get to your order in the pile (remember a varying number of people are ahead of you). Continue reading to make sure you choose the best option to suit your particular deadline. We don't like getting "you ruined Christmas" emails when we shipped your order as soon as it was ready using the service you requested. :-( You can see all our shipping options with details and rates at this link any time: Important notes: We can still get a parcel to you - you haven't left it too long, and there are many options (see below)! Transit time depends on where you live and is counted in business days (Mon-Fri). 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  24. There are no plans to run the Hello Kitty as a stock item at this time. You are welcome to order them as a custom item through the website, custom laser etching. You would put a note in the comment section telling us to use the stock Hello Kitty image on the items you want etched. We are running the Harry Potter scales in the next day or so, so they should be back on the website in the next few days.
  25. Are there any plans to make the Hello Kitty scales again? They have been wildly popular. Someone else also asked recently, and I am curious too - any plans to make Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff scales? Thank you!
  26. That's an idea thank you
  27. TY MaileWerX! It's great fun getting back into chainmaille again. I have improved the program slightly and started working on an arbitrary shape planning method by making an undulating shape via closely spaced contractions and expansions. Fun! Les
  28. Does anyone have any of these laying around that I can buy off of them?
  29. Thats pretty cool!
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