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I think this is computer generated .. but you could probably do it with.... anything that has an AR higher than 3.4


These would probably work best with the 1/8" being a little on the bigger side and the 7/64" just a little less big

Best=24 g 5/64"ID, AR 4

22 g 3/32"ID, AR 4

Okay=20 g 7/64"ID AR 3.5

20 g 1/8" ID AR 4

These are probably too big but would make good small bracelets/necklaces if you have time

... just remember that they unravel if not twisted before connecting or clasping.

19 g 9/64" ID AR 3.6

19 g 5/32" ID AR 4

18 g 11/64" ID AR 3.6

18 g 3/16"ID AR 4

I would use any kind of metal you want. If you want to get fancy get sterling or fine silver or gold fill,

if you want to just have something mildly durable and wearable I'd go with stainless steel.

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