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Eagle 3

A commissioned eagle made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum scales.

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You are quite brilliant! Do you work out the design entirely in your head or on paper or do you mostly play and it comes together that way?

Also, how long have you been doing chainmaille and sculpture?

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If I am making something for myself it is usually because I become inspired by the shape I see a weave make. I may have a scrap or a weave that went awry that looks like some organic shape. I then try to fill in the gaps to make something out of it. The Eagle was a commission. So I took some of the methods I have learned in previous sculpture and experimented until I got a passable result. For example the head is a weave I used in my very first sculpture called "Nessy". It can be found further in the gallery. The body is similar to the fish key chain I make and the rest is improvised. I have been mailling for about four years now.

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