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Canadian Flag Inlay

I made this over the past couple weeks. For the leaf I took an image of the flag, reduced it's resolution to about 50x50 then modified and touched it up with IGP. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Just need to figure out the best way to put it up on my wall.

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Great work. I would suggest hanging it from a rod that is rin through the top row of rings. You may need a few attachment points along the rod so it doesn't bend.

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Oh Canada!

This is very nicely done. I've been working in almost ideantical rings for my inlays, just a little bit tighter at 18swg 5/32".

As for hanging it, Movak's suggestion would work well. You could look into getting a few larger rings to attach across the top of the inlay and use those larger rings for a hanging rod.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback :).

I've taken your suggestions into consideration. I've got a thin dowel I'm sticking through the top row, and then I'm having a few small hooks on the wall holding the dowel (since it's flimsy enough to bend from the weight of the aluminum. That way I can also take it down and move it whenever I want.

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