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Chainmail evening gown, front

This dress is made from 28,000 black and gold anodized aluminum rings.

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It has been worn by 3 different women now, one of which wore it to a party for several hours. All three certainly commented on the weight but none of them considered the weight unbearable, but they would not want to wear it all day long,

Due to the way the back is made, the weight is carried on the shoulders, about 5 pounds per shoulder. The woman who wore it to the party said that the only real problem was after awhile the narrow width of the straps placed a lot of pressure in a narrow area. I am going to widen the straps over the shoulder to spread the weight out over a larger area.

The lady who wore it to the party said that she got a lot of comments on it and was pretty much the center of attention the whole night.

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None of the ladies would let me post their picture publicly :(. I will have to find one who will, then I can post one with it being worn.

The rings are 16 gauge 5/16" ID aluminum.

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