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mesh European 4in1

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This mesh European 4in1 bracelet was made with 22 gauge galvanized steel with a 2 mm Inside Diameter. It is 9 inches around and has 432 rings. There is no clasp; just a continuous loop. Took 12 hours to coil and weave the bracelet.

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Sorry by either your math or the ring sizes are way off. The band is 15 rings wide which means it has 945/16=62 rows. Since the circumference of a circle is Pi*D and the circumference of that bracelet would be lass than 62*2=124mm. The circumference would be 124/Pi= 40mm or 4 cm. My wrist is 8 cm wide. So unless the picture was taken on a 2 year old I doubt that the hand is 4 cm across. Those rings look like 18G 3/16 or possibly 19G 5/32.

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I'm not going to argue math. All I can say is that I used 22 gauge wire that I wound around a 2mm ring mandrel. It is 15 rings across by 63 rings long.

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