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vancouver, bc penny
© jewelry by cia
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vancouver, bc penny

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Souvenier squashed penny from Vancouver, British Columbia. 20ga 5/32" I/D bronze (or copper - I don't remember) rings in 3/4 Persian weave surround the penny. Half-persian 3-1 in 20ga 5/32" I/D copper and anodized niobium - teal, peacock blue and green mix - is attached to the 3/4 Persian with 20ga 7/64" I/D copper rings. The bracelet bands are H/P 3-1 sheet 6 in copper and anodized niobium - one band is right leaning H/P and the other is left. I'm currently waiting for an anodized niobium toggle from B3 to finish the bracelet.


© jewelry by cia
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