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Scale Bikini Front1

Scale Bikini Front1

Red and black small aa scales. The rings used for the scales are (mostly) 18swg 3/16"ID handmade galvy (I say most because there are some ss split rings like what you're supposed to use...but I kinda misplaced my split ring pliers and found them 2 days after I got done with this).

Anyways, the back and neck straps are 16swg 1/4"ID HP3-1 galvy. There is one water bottle caribeaner used as a clasp underneath the right armpit.

(And no, that is not me in the picture)

    Is it sad the first thing after the scale top that I looked at was the giant Rubix cube in the background? I then thought to myself... Maybe it isn't a giant rubix cube! Maybe she is just tiny!
    It's actually a tissue holder. And she's tiny.