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Titanium Japanese 12-2 ish engagement ring

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She said yes.

The band is 22ga 5/64" japanese 12-2 but with the "diagonal" being singles to let the thing actually bend around a finger. The centerpiece is just a japanese 12-2 unit with the center set of rings being 1/8" which caused it to pucker up around the rest. There are 24ga 1/16" sterling rings accenting the center piece. This was intended to be a placeholder until I can afford a "real" ring but she loves it. Now I want to buy a welder and make it The Ring.

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Awesome! Congratulations! I know she says she loves it and you want to make it the real thing, but you should probably replace it with an all sterling version or an actual ring. Any symbol of your love, of course she is going to love and cherish forever, and the effort you put into it is highly evident, but I'm sure she would appreciate a real ring made of something other than stainless when you can afford it.

Just giving you some female perspective! Feel free to ignore :) Your lady may be completely different, and I'm not at all implying that I know how she feels, I'm just letting you know what my reaction would be, and its likely other women would feel the same way.

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Not stainless, Titanium with some sterling. I thought I mentioned the material but it looks like I forgot. I was thinking that the wedding band should be fused white or rose gold rings that I would build as another row on the existing ring. I've actually been shopping around a design that she drew a while ago but she told me to ignore it and not worry about another ring.

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