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azurite-malachite donut
© jewelry by cia
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azurite-malachite donut


Azurite-malachite donut, alligator weave w/ surface embellishment. 20ga 7/64" I/D gold-filled rings, 22ga 1/8" I/D, 20ga 1/8" I/D and 22ga 5/64" I/D sterling silver rings. Bail is a sterling and gold-filled fairy link and the chain is 4mm azurite-chrysocolla beads. Earrings are azurite-malachite drops with a drunken rhinos weave - 22ga 1/8" I/D and 22ga 5/64" I/D sterling silver and 22ga 4mm O/D gold-filled rings.


© jewelry by cia

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