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This is the first custom piece I was commissioned to make. It is basicly a coif, minus the front of the collar piece, with a viel and guantlets. It is all made out of stainless 18 gauge 3/8" ID rings. The guantlets go around the middle finger with a lobster claw at the wrist to keep them snug, and another lobster claw at the shoulder end that clips to the coif to keep them from slipping down. Both the coif and the gautlets are done in standard European 4in1 and coif weaves.

The veil is done in Japanese 6in1 and again connects to the coif wiht lobster claws.

I don't remember how many rings it took to make this, but as the coif resembles a mantle in length it took a lot.

This is one of my early pieces, I had only been knitting about 2 years when I made this, and other than a game board (Tablero) it was the largest project I had undertaken at the time.

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