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Maille purse with lid folded back.

My wife is quite fond of premium brand purses like the ones from Coach and the like. She finds it frustrating though when her coworkers take a liking as well and buy identical purses or very similar ones. So I have made an attempt to create a fashion purse out of maille that is unique from anything her friends can find. I tried to avoid the chain sack method that tends to be the norm or the coif puch method more common to dice bags. Though both have thier place I was looking for a design that didn't scream maille immediately. So here is the result. Made with 16g 1/4 EPDM and anodized aluminum with and a bronze HP 4-1 strap.

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Gorgeous, sorry but what's the full name of EPDM I like the weave you used for the body of the purse. Would like to make another maille purse but use this weave it seems more finished to me. Please tell me.

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