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dice Bag 4

The "drawcord" is an 8" Byzantine chain (brass 20g1/8, triple-connected) with a brass 16g5/16 "stop" ring at each end to keep it in place, and a 25mm stainless steel lobster clasp on one of the brass stop rings. About 2" back from the lobster clasp the Byzantine chain has a single red anodized aluminum 18g3/16 ring, at the right distance so when the non-clasp end of the cord is pulled until the red ring is clear of the loops the lobster clasp can be closed on the red ring and seal the bag, leaving about 6 inches of free Byzantine chain for carrying. Alternatively the stop loop at the free end of the drawcord can also be clasped with the lobster, forming a large closed loop that can be hung on a belt or a peg.

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