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Dragonscale Hat-band w/ Helm Vortex Centerpiece

A top hat and hat band collaboration I put together with a friend that happens to be into making custom handmade leather toppers. The band is made from over 1600 stainless steel and distressed black stainless steel rings, with just a few red anodized aluminum square wire rings for that "bang" of color. (All rings from TRL :-) ) The band is done in Dragonscale and measures about ~7/8" wide, and a full 25" long. The Vortex focal measures ~1 1/2" across, the whole shebang weighs almost 9 ounces(!)... I was going for a style reminiscent of industrial snake skin, to compliment the rugged Mad-Hatter-meets-Snidely-Whiplash look of the hat itself, making for a marriage of Old West Steampunk and modern day biker.

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