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Purple Dice Bag   Sq Wire   Full And Closed   Bottom View
© Chain Maille by maldar
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Purple Dice Bag Sq Wire Full And Closed Bottom View

Purple and Black Ice Square Wire 18 gauge 3/16" rings in an E4-in1.

Used over 3340 rings.

Closure attached with 16 gauge 3/8 in rings, which took some work as the holes on the closure are meant for 18 gauge wire.

Holds approximately 25 sets of dice, ~175 dice.

This is my first dice bag, so it took me much longer than it should have as I didn't discover until the end that I had the weave going in the incorrect direction and had to take it apart in sections to orientate the weave. It is also longer than it should be, in relation to its diameter. Still it was a great learning experience and while I may make one or two more to show off different patterns. I plan to only make them as special orders due to the time and material cost otherwise.


© Chain Maille by maldar

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