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Seventh Son Assassin Armor - plates and maille by TheRingLord.com

This is a laser etched polycarbonate greave for the movie Seventh Son - ON MY CAT!
This was a fun part of the Seventh Son project. Not only did we get to supply the scales for the awesome Mother Malkin's Dresses made by MailleTec - we also got to make 20 full suits of hybrid polycarbonate / chain armor!

We made punched 16g 3/8" stainless connected with 16g 5/16" aluminum. The armor was made using overlapping shaped and laser engraved polycarbonate plates to make a double row on the chest. We made overlapping plates to cover the arm from shoulder to elbow - but they don't appear in any costume pics. We also made shaped greaves from laser engraved polycarbonate - they are made from 3 plates connected with thin strips of chainmail that cover the shin and calf.
The movie costuming staff painted these plates so they will not be clear as we made them. 



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