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Warcraft - The Beginning - Maille by TheRingLord.com

We did a HUGE amount of work for the Warcraft - The Beginning in the fall of 2013! We did a lot of custom work including custom ring profiles, custom casting and a new scale size. In total the project was about a million rings plus scale work.
Here is some trivia about our work on this amazing project. 
- We worked with MailleTec Industries Inc. to make scale armor that used 3 sizes of scales.

- The medium scale we now sell was originally custom made for the WoW movie! (http://bit.ly/1K8sReB)

- We made matching scale horse barding - 2 full sets plus a bunch of scale collar pieces.

- We developed the the custom "roped"  and patterned triple rings we now sell for this movie. Our SXAB-DRN-TPL1212 ring (http://bit.ly/1K8sKjh) was designed custom for this movie!

- We made 88 SUITS OF CHAINMAILl!! 25 were shirts and faulds sets, 60 were shirts only. Each shirt was waist length with 1/2 sleeves. Assembly used 30 chainmailers over the course of 3 months. 670,000 rings total.

- We designed and made 24 sets of horse armor from bright aluminum 12g 1/2" about 350,000 rings in total bringing us up to about 1 million rings

- We worked with our Chinese caster to make 3000 custom brass buckles used on armor in the movie.


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