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Tower of London - chainmail by TheRingLord

The Tower of London – We hand made inlayed curtains that were one display in the gift shop. We made 4 curtains using 16g 5/16" aluminum with blackened steel inlays.  3 curtains were 10ft x 15ft and one was 10ft by 20ft. We received a purchase order for this commission stamped by the Queen of England.

In 2003  TheRingLord made 4 HUGE banners for The Tower of London in England. They were made using 16g 5/16" aluminum and each banner included an intricate inlay in black stainless. The banners were hung in the gift shop and the longest was about 15 ft tall. 
Trivia #1- we micro-stamped rings on each banner near the bottom with "TheRingLord". 
Trivia #2 - TheRingLord founders Jon and Bernice Daniels have a matching lion made with black and regular stainless in 18g 1/4" as a personal memento. 
Trivia #3 - the pic of the banner hanging outside is a test hang on our shop. The poor maillers are "walking out" accidental contractions in the maille to make it hang perfect. I recommend not mentioning this if you meet them - 1 contraction was over 4 ft into the maille.
Trivia #4: We got a commission letter stamped/signed by the Queen.

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