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Mars Insight

Back in 2013 TheRingLord worked with MailleTec Industries and JPL Laboratories to create custom scales for a shield for the Mars Insight mission. 
For our original post in 2013:
They will be used to shield a seismograph on the Mars Insight mission! (<-- I'm a scifi geek - LOVING this!) We worked with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL - NASA) to design a small thin frost colored anodized aluminum scale. They are 42% lighter than our standard aluminum scales. We are selling the left overs - you can find them here as the current small scale special at the bottom of the page. 

JPL then took those scales and anodized them to their specifications. 
You can see more pics and more info here




© JPL Laboratories

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It may be a little too late to suggest this, but perhaps for next time - Alien Maille?

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