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    Borealis Metal Works


    Sterling stars.
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    Hey Mr. Peabody! Let's use the WABAC Machine! (Or in this case, the Web Archive Wayback Machine.) Butted Mail: A Mailmakers' Guide: https://web.archive.org/web/20160508055350/http://homepage.ntlworld.com/trevor.barker/farisles/guilds/armour/mail.htm Bladeturner Hauberk Pattern: https://web.archive.org/web/20161106092514/http://www.bladeturner.com:80/pattern/hauberk/hauberk.html
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    Beast of a dragonscale choker

    © Ichi

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    Two aura units attached to make a near spherical pendant.
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    I tumble with dry corn cob or walnut shell media for cleaning.
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    Search Youtube for Skallagrim. He has done various weapon demonstrations on butted and riveted mail; both patches and byrnies, often over padding and/or ballistic gel dummies. In short, while still not truly scientific (which he has both the care and the class to point out), much better than those that simply drape mail over a log, or a wooden stand. You might get some good stills from closeup shots of the aftermath. ThegnThrand is another to look at as well.
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    You're not likely to find pictures of actual original chain that has been damaged by weapons. It was generally either repaired quite quickly, or chopped up and used in other pieces. I would say just do what feels right to you, since you aren't going for historical accuracy anyway. Maybe just throw a Wolverine slash on it and have done?
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    Metal Majesty

    IMG 20150711 002353

    Still need a name for this beauty. Caged using modified Celtic labyrinth style weave then switched to my supernova weave (yes mine) to finish.

    © Metal Majesty

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    Metal Majesty

    IMG 20150623 094406

    Helm Flower. Rivoli caged in my own design (didn't use a tut or template, so I'm calling the cage mine) Outside "petals" are helm chain.

    © Metal Majesty

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    Stainless steel 16swg 18swg celtic visions pentagon unit necklace. Each unit is a pentagon. Has a natural curve, great for necklace design. Received a $200 bid at charity auction. 16swg 1/4" 9/32" id. 18swg 5/32" 3/16" id. 5.29oz at 17" long.