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    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    After a little more than 2 year I have finally finished my Jolly Roger. Now I need to have a frame made for it so I can mount it on the back of my Trackchair for the St.Louis Renaissance Festival. The official ring count is 15,395 16g 1/4" rings.
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    chainmail knife handles

    It's an interesting idea. I think it may be a bit tricky if your looking to make some well balanced knives. If your goal leans more towards aesthetic appeal, I believe it would indead look really nice. There's one member here that makes pens and uses chainmail on the shaft of the pen. He coats it all in resin and then uses a lathe to bring it down to size and polish. His name is @PArmbrust on here and he might be able to give you some Ideas on doing it.
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    Current eta is 2 weeks.
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    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Looking forward to seeing them when done, especially for the USMC.
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    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Thanks guys. I'm trying to plan my next inlay now. I'm thinking about trying to do the insignias of all of our branches of the military.
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    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Love it.
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    My Jolly Roger is Completed

    Well done!
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    Color pattern help needed

    I saw your round inlay of the Volante Design logo (you beat me to it). It was really good.
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    Color pattern help needed

    ha - okay. occam's razor.
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    Color pattern help needed

    You can also download igp (irregular grid painter) and upload your bmp into the program to see what it would look like in Chainmail. That is what i use for most of my inlays. There is also a forum post for how to install and use the program.
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    Here is some recent work. I'm just getting back into chainmaille after being away for 10 years. The FP6-1 cross is rigid and opens at the center to a kind of weird shape which lends itself well to use in the Arbitrary Shape Array to the right. It's been a goal of mine to create maille that can be designed in such a way that it can take any shape with as few limits as possible. The rigid tightness of this weave is key to holding the shape of the array. The rings are TRL SXAB12716 (Saw Cut Bright Aluminum 12 gauge 7/16" inside diameter). originated the central connections, though it is quite likely they are nothing new (are they?). Les
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    Should be soon - we just got the wire in today. You can contact orders (at) theringlord.com if you would like to place an order now and we can ship it when it's ready.
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    Konstantin the Red

    Weighted Maille

    In a given wire thickness and thus a given AR, 6-1 will be significantly heavier than the same area -- square footage -- of E4-1. E8-1 will need a bigger AR to fit two more links through, so the wire goes skinnier for a given link ID. It's a handsome, stripe-ish looking weave but perhaps more decorative than out-and-out effectual. Rule of thumb is to expect 6-1 to be twice as heavy per area, between half again as many links in it (half again as much metal) and that the links will be propped into a steeper link-lie -- a hundred links' worth of row isn't going to go as far around you. That's one reason expansions don't get you as much as with the more open 4-1 weave; you also don't get the same amount of stretch/contract. Keep your shoulder straps as wide as will fit on you, to spread the load of this shirt on your shoulders. A skinny wifebeater style undershirtlike strap will want to dig into your traps muscles, owie. Now you won't have to discover this by experience. Formfitting: okay, what is your chest size (checking your t shirt size is good enough) and your natural waist measurement, at the level of your navel? That is, are you an in-shape dude, star of track and field, lean of waist and broad of shoulder, or is your sixpack more a pony keg? To truly broaden the shoulder and deepen the chest, we're talking either splitting a lot of firewood with a big ax, or resistance training, with weights, featuring a lot of (eventually) heavy bench presses, incline and decline bench presses, military (overhead) presses, and French (same as military except the barbell goes down the back of your neck on the bottom of the rep) presses. Various biceps and triceps exercises also, so your arms stay in proportion to your massive pecs. With these and heavy forearms exercises -- for only heavy exercises develop and grow those dense muscles -- your grip will become so strong that no pickle jar can resist! The kind of development a daily wear mail shirt will give you is more nearly aerobic -- your endurance increases. You will mostly detect this in *not* feeling so exhausted, so spent, at the end of your mailshirt hours. Or you can join the military and do all that with calisthenics in basic training, and gym work after basic. If you go combat-arms, that is. Which will mentally suit you to bear a shirt of mail with conviction. Rrahrr! Allows you to pick up a viking-era sword to go with that short mailshirt, and do so as would a steely-eyed killer of men. Because you'll know more, inside of you, how to do that.
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    Egg (and Sphere) Generator

    After making a sphere this morning with 14 ga. 3/8" my hands are sore and tired. Beginning at 1am and ending just now at around 11am, I was able to weave a 700 ring sphere in 10 hours. That's about as quick as I've ever weaved chainmaille. The only problem this time was that I got the reductions mixed up and actually managed to befuddle myself such that one row (on each hemisphere) was skipped, reducing the ring count by probably 100 or so. Oh well, live and learn. For the next sphere I plan to get some 14 ga. 7/16" rings which should be just right for European 8 in 1. Anyway, the program is evolving nicely and as wonky as the sphere is, it's a step in the right direction! I want to write a tutorial for these spheres when the quality is there. Your comments are welcome. Les
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    Update on my Jolly Roger

    I just finished it and the official ring count is 15,395 rings. I will try to post an updated photo this weekend.
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    Erin Karlstad

    Beaded maille bracelet

    20g 1/8 & 3/32 BA, 20g 1/8 sea-foam green AA. Czech glass metallic beads. Byzantine sheet weave.

    © Freya Jewelry, 2013