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    The black and red strip arrived at the warehouse this morning! Yay! Black is up first, then red. We're looking at about a week for running med and large black scales, then a week for red.
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    Today I’m publicly announcing that I, Bernice, have bought out Jon Daniels and that he is no longer a co-owner of TheRingLord. I have been a co-founder and owner of TheRingLord - since day one - over 20 years ago! I took over the role of CEO in January and bought out Jon’s share of the business - making me >91% owner. Grant still holds the remainder of ownership and the role of COO - managing the factory and day to day operations. Jon consults for us, providing information to make this a seamless transition. I am excited to continue my role as a leader in this wonderful community! I have a mission statement to share and projects in the works and I want to re-introduce you, over the next few days, to the wonderful team that makes up TheRingLord ... because we are a team! You are our a big part of that team - our community! I hope you will all support me on this journey with the excitement we are feeling at TRL. I love providing inspiration and I intend to continue to evolve TheRingLord - as I have always done - improving offerings, service and processes. As always I greatly appreciate the support you - my community - have shown me over the years. I am very grateful for your support in this step! Please join me in congratulating Jon, as he moves on to new adventures, and in thanking him for his contribution to our community. Bernice - TheRingLord Founder, CEO, VTMO* *Very Thrilled Majority Owner
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    If you're worrying about your own closures, you would not be happy with the quality of the pre-made shirts at those prices. 14g 5/16" stainless is 3.7 lbs/sqft. Stop at your belt, or keep weaving until mid-thigh. Or wear a cup when you walk. Tips for weaving: if it hurts, stop for the day. You started a marathon of a project. It'll be done when it's done. Try Vetwrap on your pliers' handles (https://www.amazon.com/3M-Vetrap-Bandaging-Yards-Black/dp/B000FA201C)
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    RE: the electrodes: contact NSRW to purchase. https://nsrw.com/contact/ - anything that has a threaded shank that will fit through the hole in the welder will work. standard steel nuts are fine. Ask for MALE THREADED BUTTON ELECTRODES.
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    kxtumbler-t - this will be restocked. I don't have an ETA at this time, but it will be at least 3 months. I'll get back to you on the copper electrodes.
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    Well, this is my first project and it is day two. I had wanted to get it done by early November but after having to wait a few paychecks to order the rings and then a delay here or there, I finally got to start yesterday. I calculated I'd need to do at least 400 a day to meet that earlier goal -- so obviously that's not happening. If I keep at it each day I might be done in less than 3 months? Don't know. Haven't tried yet.
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    I can see that. Very cool weave for jewelery though. After my first day working with these rings (14g 5/16 stainless steel) my hands have taken a beating. That said, even if each ring is a pain I have gotten an eye for closing them. Made a chain 50 rings long (149 in total) and am now starting on the third row, actually making it a weave (and sheet).
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    UPDATE: Turquoise - in tank today, 10/1/18 Pale yellow - date TBD Purple/lt purple - date TBD
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    Dr. T

    Trapezoid shirt

    Half Persian 3-1 sheet 6, stainless steel split rings, 0.264" ID/0.032" wire, 192" ID/.028" wire and 0.338" ID/0.040" wire, around 52,000 rings total.

    © Dr. T

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    16ga 1/4" Bright Silver and Bronze.
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    Hi! The weave you've posted is called Box Weave, and it's very similar to Byzantine. Byzantine and the Persian weaves (half Persian 4-1, 3-1, Full Persian, etc), are different. That would take me about 30-60 min, depending on length, ring size and material. I've been making maille for 10 years, though.
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    Hi! We are still making scales. The strip came in Monday of this week, and we have been making them nonstop since then. The bulk are being made and will be restocked. I'll get a better date on Monday when everyone is back in the office. Please be patient while we catch up - it won't be long.
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    UPDATE: Teal - going in tank today, 9/27/18 Turquoise - very soon Pale yellow - date TBD Dark Rose - date TBD
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    Thank you for the speedy response. I figured as much but I just wanted to make sure!
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    The post above yours, from Wednesday of last week, pertains to medium black as well: We heard back from the supplier today and they have apologized for the long delays and said the strip should be in our Toronto facility by early next week. We'll need a little time to make the out of stock scales, so we estimate 2ish weeks to get them all restocked.
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    So I got the Email that Medium red scales are in stock. I go to the site and they seem to be out. Is the website just not 100% updated yet or did they really sell out in one day?
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    these should be done tomorrow. We have a feature on our site that will email you when an item you are interested in is back in stock. If you log in on our site, you can click a blue button for any out of stock item. This requests an email be sent when the item is back in stock. You will be sent the email once and then your request is removed from our notification system. You are only sent an email for items where you click the button.
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    We are looking at mid-October for strip to be delivered, so mid to end of October for sm ti scales.
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    I’m jumping on the 16516 white train. Are we any closer to seeing a restock?