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    This topic is used by TheRingLord.com to give stock updates about Jewelry Supplies - all beads, clasps, chain etc. Old replies will be deleted and only the current information regarding the current batches being made will be noted here. You can subscribe to this thread to remain in the loop. If there are no notes we are either not out of anything or its not on order yet. Please feel free to ask about any product that isn't commented on below. These products can be purchased at TheRingLord.com
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    That's the 'Net for ya, huh GAW? That project is just about AR-irrelevant; you could use pretty near anything to build something like that collar. Try anything you like or have a little of just lying around collecting dust. As mail projects that size go, you don't need very many of the larger rings at all. You need the most connectors.
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    A wonderful lady...
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    your other option to be stronger is to use stronger material. e.g. aluminum < steel < titanium.
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    After a little more than 2 year I have finally finished my Jolly Roger. Now I need to have a frame made for it so I can mount it on the back of my Trackchair for the St.Louis Renaissance Festival. The official ring count is 15,395 16g 1/4" rings.
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    Stainless Steel JPL3 necklace with a steel helmeted skull Mjolnir pendant. Necklace measures 20 inches in length and is finished with a steel lobster clasp.

    © BrackenMaille.com

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    I would think that using copper posts is a bad idea. The reasons are fairly straightforward: 1) Copper is inherently not clean. It tarnishes readily. This is 100% against a primary rule of piercings, which is to keep pierced areas clean. 2) If the person has an allergy to copper, a rod of it shoved into their head is a bad way to find out. 3) Materials like copper have a tendancy to cause allergies after prolonged use, never mind copper's inherent side-effects that can cause problems. I can see the wish to have a solid copper earring for sale/style value, but I think with a bit of research you will find a lot of reasons why stainless and plastic dominate the piercing market.