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    New User Thread

    Howdy! Still in the process of lurking. Thinking about trying to make something simple (earrings?) before I try to jump into what brought me here in the first place.. Still overwhelmed!
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    Jodey - TRL Tier 2 Support


    This topic is used by TheRingLord.com to give stock updates about copper - saw cut and machine cut rings and wire. Old replies will be deleted and only the current information regarding the current batches being made will be noted here. You can subscribe to this thread to remain in the loop. If there are no notes we are either not out of anything or the wire has not been ordered yet. Please feel free to ask about any product if no notes are given below. These products can be purchased at TheRingLord.com
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    Nice. There's a real Flower of Scotland right there!
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    This is scheduled to restock Wednesday/Thursday of next week.
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    tapestry project

    i won't argue with that evaluation. 😉 it's not quite "micro-mail" in my mind, but it's getting there. you do get used to it after a while - unless you have some physical limitations (eye site, clumsy fingers, etc.) - and then going back to bigger is weird. looks like i missed a 40% picture - i'll try to throw up 50% in a couple weeks.
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    Konstantin the Red

    Weighted Maille

    In a given wire thickness and thus a given AR, 6-1 will be significantly heavier than the same area -- square footage -- of E4-1. E8-1 will need a bigger AR to fit two more links through, so the wire goes skinnier for a given link ID. It's a handsome, stripe-ish looking weave but perhaps more decorative than out-and-out effectual. Rule of thumb is to expect 6-1 to be twice as heavy per area, between half again as many links in it (half again as much metal) and that the links will be propped into a steeper link-lie -- a hundred links' worth of row isn't going to go as far around you. That's one reason expansions don't get you as much as with the more open 4-1 weave; you also don't get the same amount of stretch/contract. Keep your shoulder straps as wide as will fit on you, to spread the load of this shirt on your shoulders. A skinny wifebeater style undershirtlike strap will want to dig into your traps muscles, owie. Now you won't have to discover this by experience. Formfitting: okay, what is your chest size (checking your t shirt size is good enough) and your natural waist measurement, at the level of your navel? That is, are you an in-shape dude, star of track and field, lean of waist and broad of shoulder, or is your sixpack more a pony keg? To truly broaden the shoulder and deepen the chest, we're talking either splitting a lot of firewood with a big ax, or resistance training, with weights, featuring a lot of (eventually) heavy bench presses, incline and decline bench presses, military (overhead) presses, and French (same as military except the barbell goes down the back of your neck on the bottom of the rep) presses. Various biceps and triceps exercises also, so your arms stay in proportion to your massive pecs. With these and heavy forearms exercises -- for only heavy exercises develop and grow those dense muscles -- your grip will become so strong that no pickle jar can resist! The kind of development a daily wear mail shirt will give you is more nearly aerobic -- your endurance increases. You will mostly detect this in *not* feeling so exhausted, so spent, at the end of your mailshirt hours. Or you can join the military and do all that with calisthenics in basic training, and gym work after basic. If you go combat-arms, that is. Which will mentally suit you to bear a shirt of mail with conviction. Rrahrr! Allows you to pick up a viking-era sword to go with that short mailshirt, and do so as would a steely-eyed killer of men. Because you'll know more, inside of you, how to do that.
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    Need help making an anklet

    you could try using blanks instead of scales so that it doesn't poke the top of her foot. or if you like the scale look, use small scales.
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    Need help making an anklet

    if you want specific help, you'll need to post pictures - preferably on and off her ankle; and include material, ring gauge and ID (inner diameter), etc. if you're just looking for general advice, to make a piece stronger, use lower gauge (thicker), smaller ID, and/or stronger material (aluminum < steel < titanium) links; or you can rivet, solder, or weld them. if things are uncomfortable, you may need to add expansions or contractions to fit the contours of the wearer, or simply reorient things so the pokey parts aren't in sensitive areas.
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    I tried my hand at making chainmail jewelry - I usually wire wrap cabochons and make tree of life pendants, but some people offered to buy what I made. I'm like, "Kewl! I can use the money and purchase more items at TheRingLord." A person in a beading store recommended this site (and I've been like a kid in a candy shop ever since. ) I have absolutely no idea what to ask, or how to compute a price. This is rather new to me. My many thanks in advance! Anyway, this is what I made so far (Box silver, European weave earrings silver, Helm ankle tri-color (R, Y, W) & Byzantine wrist tri-color)
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    I used a Brecciated Jasper donut as the focal point of the piece. It is wrapped in a combination of copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. I accented the piece with wood, copper, and stainless steel beads, The maille webbing is held in place by sinew and the outer wheel is wrapped in leather. Measures 7 inches.

    © BrackenMaille.com

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    In 2011, we were contacted by Weta to make 40 shirts for elf armor. The assembly didn't end there though! Eric Matwe, our staff member at the timeand now and owner of MailleTec.com, was then flown down to the set in New Zealand and got to work with Weta costumers to re-imagine the scales and how they fit with the rest of the Elven armor. MailleTec discusses this on their site here http://mailletec.com/node/227 The scales used are small champagne anodized aluminum. We get the most screen time in the 3rd movie. You can see the scales in their first design as shirts at the 5:30 mark in this video Hi-res version of this image is here https://sleeplessthought.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/the-hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armies-4k-trailer-and-ultra-hi-res-stills-3.jpg
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    This was a fun part of the Seventh Son project. Not only did we get to supply the scales for the awesome Mother Malkin's Dresses made by MailleTec - we also got to make 20 full suits of hybrid polycarbonate / chain armor! We made punched 16g 3/8" stainless connected with 16g 5/16" aluminum. The armor was made using overlapping shaped and laser engraved polycarbonate plates to make a double row on the chest. We made overlapping plates to cover the arm from shoulder to elbow - but they don't appear in any costume pics. We also made shaped greaves from laser engraved polycarbonate - they are made from 3 plates connected with thin strips of chainmail that cover the shin and calf. The movie costuming staff painted these plates so they will not be clear as we made them. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1121096/
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    My first Scale project.

    After seeing a few people at TRF wearing scales, I decided to go ahead a try my own. Ordered the stainless steel with split rings from here. Took a few days tinkering with it to figure out how to properly weave them. Over all 60 hours worth of work. Very pleased with the results. Next up Scale Pants... lol
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    Halter Top

    Scale Halter Top & Scale Necklace Byzantine Straps & Half Persian Dragon Scale
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    One of my weekend projects, a 7 foot chainmail whip
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    Chainmaille Dice

    These use the New 4-hole 1" tags.
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    What's in a name?

    Mat...well it has been my nick name since birth so there ya go.
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    AA Trivet #1S

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    Wallet and Watch

    This watch belonged to my father. A friend of mine replaced the movement for me. He carried it and now I do.
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    Rob MacLennan

    The 'nerd' factor

    I say chainmail. Some people say, "What, like armour? Cool." Some say, "Could you make something like (fill in the blank) with it?" Some say, "TAKE MY MONEY!!!" So far no one, except me, has used the terms 'geek', 'nerd', or 'about to be thrown in the upholstered room'.
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    IMG 1131[1]

    european 4-1 window valence
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    What's in a name?

    Or, to put it another way, some cultures feel it's necessary to regulate people's bodies. There's an ongoing thread in the Adult subforum that's veered into discussion about breasts in public...
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    What's in a name?

    Mine originally came from the Eagle Talon car I used to drive, way back in the late 80's (or was it the early 90s?) and I've used it ever since, though I usually have to be creative with numbers because Talon is always popular......most times I try for 420 or 420024 as an ending for the obvious reason that I smoke weed.
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    Green Chainmaille Coaster

    I've seen several coasters out there but none look very successful honestly. I figured adding leather under the weave would help, and it works great so I think it was a success. This one was my first try so its a little messy.
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    Bottle Rainbow

    All wrapped in 16g 5/16 stainless, except the triangle bottle, which incorporates some other sizes of 16g as well.