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    my 2016 red and black

    © James Fotoz

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    Serena dragon tail

    © Dale Nathan

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    cyborg warrior figure

    Hannah was two weeks away from a body building competition... The photographer didn't get me the images of her in the stainless steel and black the cyborg paint was worked around.

    © the-armorer.com

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    © TxKnight Creations

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    Welp, I'm back. Haven't really stopped making chainmail but I'm getting more into it again since I'm allowed to work at work lol. So here's a basket I made a little while ago. HP 3-1 sheet 6 16ga 1/4" anodized aluminum and rubber.
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    Just and all aluminum circular expansion.
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    There are 5 unanswered, ignored questions here. I've been waiting for an answer for 6 weeks. Which post are you replying to?
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    Any information on when tempered high carbon steel (SCALELG-MS-HARD) become available again?