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    4 in 1 Belt

    in my experience (with titanium) 18g 1/4" hp3-1 lines up pretty well with 18g 3/16" euro4-1. the blue edging on this halter is HP3-1 and the rest is euro4-1:
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    hey bud? if you're gonna be a boomer about it, there are other places to shop
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    We will have a small amount marked into stock today or tomorrow.
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    I wanted to make "the last chainmail shirt I'd ever need." It was certainly the last chainmail shirt I ever made.
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    The best way to minimize weight is to use stronger rings and a larger ring diameter combined with smaller wire gauge. This minimizes the amount of scales per area which makes up the bulk of the weight. For example if you use 18g 5/16 spring stainless instead of 16g 5/16 aluminum the rings will have a similar weight and strength but because of the springback in the steel rings the finished piece will have about 25% less weight of scales. Another option is to use split rings, the #7F ones from worthco.com work well with large scales. I haven't used TRL's split rings in a long time but last I did they were pretty terrible.
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    Yes, thanks. I just assumed that sanding or grinding the steel in prep for weld/solder was being done. If it wasn't, then it definitely should be.
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