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    I have received confirmation that strip has been ordered. I don't yet have an ETA.
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    Hybrid Plates by the-armorer

    Hybrid armor plates

    © Lyle Miller the plates; Dale Nathan the image

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    Jodey - TRL Tier 2 Support

    Anodized Aluminum

    This will be stopped by Friday.
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    Meant to fit a man with a 40 inch chest. medium scales (1.4 scales per inch = 56 scales per row).
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    Konstantin the Red

    How to cut rings

    Crochet. Crochet crochet... Sounds like wet sneakers on tile.
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    Help Translating Ring Sizes

    I think the first two are indeed the closest you can get to those AR with "standard" 16 ga BA rings here (https://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=101&cat=Saw+Cut+Bright+Aluminum+Jump+Rings). And the third would have to be custom, as there are no 16ga BA rings with that AR. Or you could maybe try with 18ga 9/64" or 1/8" rings, as those have ARs of 3 and 2.6. Not knowing the weave, I have no idea if that would work. Sculpture weaves can be very tricky.
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    This will restock tomorrow
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    Forum dying

    i second that, rob. people were posting my stuff on the facebook group (usually half-crediting me, but that's a different discussion) so i thought i should join to respond to questions, etc., but i quickly had to turn it off because it was just a newsfeed headache. i'd rather frequent a well-organized forum like we've got here, where i don't have to sift through a hundred images to maybe find one interesting post.
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    A Scale/Tag Dress

    A dress made from 1 inch mirrored tags.

    © @bettyandjulius

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    Bernice Rahm

    Sterling Silver Maille Purse

    Sterling Silver - labeled "GEO T BP ODNAX" - no idea who that is. 0.015" wire, 0.070" ID