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    Jodey - TRL Tier 2 Support

    Anodized Aluminum

    These kits are more for convenience than for price savings. You can make your own kit by purchasing the colors you need separately in the sizes and gauges you need.
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    I've found heat shrink tubing to be a better solution than any other coating option. For myself I just smooth out the plier faces with some sandpaper and don't grip too tightly.
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    You are using the correct rings - we measure 19g (1mm) and thicker in SWG, 20g (.8mm) and thinner in AWG. Scales take the following rings: xl: 14g 3/8 l: 16g 5/16 m: 18g 1/4 s: 18g 3/16 t: 20g 7/64 I think the scale above the one you are pointing at will cover the hole when held up like you're wearing it.
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    These will restock mid-next week.