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    • Forgive me if it's wrong to double post, I thought I'd keep adding more updates. As I get more done, I'm noticing that I'm starting to have more questions as well. I finished all of my scale armor panels for my suit of armor!  After this, I finished weaving the maille for the back and sides of the chest armor, and I've attached the side panels to it as well. So now my armor is fully wearable! I'm still not entirely sure how to handle the shoulder holes, or the contractions for the front and back of my armor. All I know is I have to bring it in from about a 36 inch chest (72 units of maille) to a 32 inch waist, or about 64 units. I can probably also cut out a unit or two to account for the flexibility of the weave, I don't want too much slack. The gap on the back of the armor is 18 units wide, and the front is 8 that need to be filled. After that, I need to finish the sleeves on the scale shoulder panels, and attach those. Then it's a matter of finishing up the front and back portions below the waist, so that it's more akin to a hauberk than it is a haubergeon. I purchased some blue anodized aluminum rings and have been working on making diamond inlay designs that I can integrate into those pieces, for a bit more visual interest than is currently present in the chain maille portions. I might try and see about making some larger designs and shapes that I can incorporate into the contractions for the chest and back. The portions below the waist in the front and back are going to almost be like the tails of a coat, extending down from between the scale maille portions, edged in half Persian 3-1. Then after that, I still have a pair of greaves and vambraces to worry about, as well as a cloak, underclothing, and boots for my full suit of armor. 
    • Can I assume that this new tariff does NOT effect Bronze, Brass or Titanium? (or any of the precious metals, for that matter)

      what about AA wire? 
    • So I'm working on a sleeve that's anodized aluminum and EPDM. It's going to be fairly tight over the arm and I was wondering if there was an aesthetically pleasing way to do the elbow (in and out) that would also be comfortable. Would a patch work? Or expansions and contractions? Maybe a smaller ring size for inside the elbow and larger for the outside? Curious to know if someone has done this and have it turn out well. 
    • Do you have an ETA on Soft Temper stainless 18swg 5/32 and 3/16?   
    • Thank you so much again. You've just given me everything I need to complete my first scalemail shirt. Really excited to finish this thing up :D. Your scalemail looks awesome. I like how you strung pure rings around the armpit. I'll probably have to tailor mine a bit after I complete it i'm sure, but it wont be much longer now! Edit: Picture I used of muscular anatomy chart facing right. For anyone who may be following this post in the future. 
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