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    • Away from home typing on phone, so kind of terse reply, sorry. The manual I made shows the 'best' places to weave in contractions to aid in fitting. Depending on body shape, most only need a couple in a few strategic locations for a pull over head shirt. Just started weaving what will probably be my last scale shirt for a while; it will use one or two contractions at small of back, and expansions at top of shoulder blades with contractions at bottom of shoulder blades to aid in movement since back panel will otherwise be same width as front. If all goes to plan, two expansions and four contractions will be it.  You are correct about guide though. Been planning a 3rd and final edition with pages dedicated to adding a contraction and expansion to existing sheets, as well as how to link scale panels in opposite directions plus planning shirt designs. Doing this new shirt (multiple 90 degree links) and a coif (geometric 45 degree link type, not expanding circle method) to show projects from start to finish in it. I have lots going on, so will probably be summer before it is up, though.  Can't say I've had the issue I see with your contractions, but I've not done them with split rings either. Seems a stabilization problem? Possibly an issue with the split rings not being keyed? Perhaps link tandem scales with slightly smaller ring? They should lay almost point to point with just a little 'stick out'  to them. Most of my shirts have been butted rings woven full 4in1, I've done a trio of LARP,  basic munition shirts in plain aluminum and keyed split rings, but they had no contractions.   
    • Feeling accomplished. Look at those sloppy gaps!
    • Yes thank you but I have been through it many a time. Unfortunately it doesn't go into detail on contractions for already built Scale. My entire vest was finished before I got onto contractions which I'm realizing now was a complete mistake. However, I have followed Eric's last entry and I have posted more photos @ Now I have a couple issues. If I am to remove a line of scale for every contraction I make, I will have no scale left?! The manual calls for 4 chest contractions, 1 for each of the sides, and another 4/5 for the back. Not to mention that I cant close the final side because I doubt I could flip it inside out. The Scale feels tighter already which is nice for now, but any tighter is going to pose a problem for me later. I may have to increase the length of the sides as a result? Except that would get rid of the nice V shape I have created beneath the armpit. Secondly, those two damned scales refuse to function properly. Whichever way they lay, one of them juts out. It remains firm and grabs anything that grazes against it. Perhaps I need to remove the butted rings and try the original plan now that things are laying somewhat properly. 
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