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    • My plan was to do a top dowel with the byzantine off the bottom, but working the "wrong" way is just throwing my mind for a loop every time I have tried it.  I will try again tonight once the kids are in bed, if I can't get it, I will keep working the "right" way and figure out the rest once it is done. I did my first  Beast last year, in 7h45min. But I was not worried about time, just wanted to finish. Being a prairie boy, going up the side of a mountain was something very new. This year I hope to cut an 45-60min of that time, now that I know what to expect. I also might try a stadium Sprint this year.
    • If you're planning on hanging the byzantine off of a frame (like the one shown above), "right" and "wrong" ways won't matter for hanging the byzantine chains. If your're hanging the inlay between two dowels, "right" way is likely to require more rings than "wrong" way, as the inlay is going to want to squish together under its own weight, making for more rectangular "pixels" in the image. If you're planning on just having a top dowel and hanging the byzantine off of the inlay itself (which sounds like your intent), you would probably be better off using the "wrong" way hang. I have some patches of Euro 4-1 and various chains around the house. I see what I can mock up and take some pictures of the curl in either direction. I ran my first Super Spartan (8+ miles) in 2012. I still fear the Beast (13+ miles). Congrats on doing Trifectas!
    • it (obviously) depends on how much you need to "stretch" it at the top for how much it tapers at the bottom.  i've just taken to make supports on the sides too, so i can adjust it as much as i need to, e.g.:  
    • I did know that right and wrong ways where references to the ways the rings hang and intended to do it the "wrong" way. I have now done the first 3 rows the right way, and it would be a lot easier to count the rings that way, but am still wondering about how much it will taper in towards the bottom if I keep doing it that way. Once I complete the inlay,I hope to hang it from a dowel and make lengths of Byzantine chain for each family member (wife and 2 kids), showing how many Spartan races and their distances we do each year to hang from the bottom. The races have 5km+ (red) 10km+ (blue) and 21km+ (green) and orange for kid races. Complete the 3 distances in one year you earn a trifecta. They also have a few other style of races, but I am not ready for those yet. I hope it will be a neat piece to hang from the wall and track our race history over the years. Especially as our kids get old enough to race the adult courses with us.
    • You're going to be able to see somewhat through any aspect ratio that allows for flexibility, but you can minimize that. I like working with 16 gauge, 1/4" rings because I feel it's a good balance between the two.
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