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  1. Gordfigg

    Bracelet weave

    Thanks for the tips Twilight. It is a little more difficult working with a rubber ring in joining the two ends, but I think I figured it out thanks to you.
  2. Gordfigg

    Bracelet weave

    I think I am going to have to try this sometime. I've done hp before but never thought to do it with rubber rings. Not sure why I haven't, but oh well. I'm off to try this out.
  3. Gordfigg

    Bracelet weave

    So I recently saw this on the thinkgeek website and am not quite sure what weave this is. It looks like half Persian to me but seems to be a little tighter. Any thoughts? http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/f1ec/
  4. Gordfigg

    what a mess

    I can unfortunately sympathize it happened to me once just be glad you aren't colorblind like I am.>_
  5. Gordfigg

    Chainmail chess set take 2: 6 new designs for chess pieces.

    *slow claps* ...... That is amazing I bow before your sculpture supremacy. I also like the knight but the rook is cool too. Cheers on one more set down:beer::beer:
  6. Gordfigg

    Hauberk Kits

    I just got one of the kits in stainless last dec its 14g 3/8 and I just use the linesmans from TRL and its great it gets easier to work with after a while. I hope to post pics sometime soon once I'm finished with it.
  7. Gordfigg

    Timewasting sites, have any suggestions?

    www.darwinawards.com Definitely agree with Loki www.kingdomofloathing.com
  8. Gordfigg

    Weighted Companion Cube

    Beautifully done. I like the size ring too makes for a nice tight cube. Ahh poor Weighted Companion Cube you will be missed:( P.S. The cake is a lie.
  9. Gordfigg

    An Intense Non violent Video Game?

    Umm just for the non-violent and intense category would be polarium it's a puzzle game where you try to flip colored tiles all at once its addicting yet can cause manic fits of rage after screwing up the puzzle for the 3 or 4 hundredth time.
  10. Gordfigg


    Great job! HGtG is one of my favorite movies. ..........42.........
  11. Gordfigg

    ... Who is Jeanette?

    I got it too thought someone was messing with me I just deleted it. Man I hate spammers.
  12. Gordfigg

    basketball net

    Regardless of what weave you use just a guess at a possible problem I would use a weave that has some strecth to it because if its not big enough the ball will get stuck. Just my 2 cents if it makes sense at all.
  13. Gordfigg

    Dark blue AA?

    Actually come to think of it I never thought of Niobium. I'll look and see if it is dark enough.
  14. Gordfigg

    Dark blue AA?

    Thanks all I will see if i can maybe e-mail them and see how much i would have to order to get them to do it.
  15. Gordfigg

    Dark blue AA?

    Thanks I'll just have to keep looking I suppose. Here's to searching the web for a supplier.