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    Very nice! I love how you got the wings and tail feathers to stand nicely!
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    selling chainmail

    That can actually work quite nicely. When you make a stir the pot type site, you tend to gather a lot of links from different site. Sure, most are from people upset with what you are saying...but as far as search engines are concerned, you have more links to your site...so you might well get better placement in search results. I do a lot of different things and am just getting into making chainmail, but my take on the whole pricing issue is that price should be one of the _last_ things to consider when selling online unless you are selling mass market products. Much more important than price ( for online selling ) are: Visibility - If people never find your items, you can sell them for $0.01 and still never sell anything Trust - If you make mistakes that cause people to think you are shady or that your items might not be what they are looking for, people will go elsewhere. Navigation - People want things _now_. If you cannot get them to the types of things they are interested as quickly as possible in an obvious fashion, they will go elsewhere. Checkout Flow - If your checkout process is not as simple as possible, you will lose sales due to trust / navigation above. If you are doing all of the above well, then it might be worth worrying about price. If not, price becomes a moot point unless you are wanting insane amounts for things...and insane to one audience might be expected from another. Of course, my pricing for the things that I currently do revolves around simply getting the bills paid while having a good amount of free time to learn new things and enjoy life. My monthly bills have been crushed as much as possible so that I can meet my monthly goals quickly ( sometimes a three to four day project at the start of the month pays the bills... ). I've recently taken a look at the chainmail jewelry market online and it looks to be _very_ easy to compete in as very few people who are making and selling chainmail seem to know anything about getting it in front of buyers online. Jewelry is a hard market to target well...but I was quite shocked at the results turning up in the top ten for a large variety of chainmail jewelry related searches. Anywise, I wouldn't fault anyone for selling at prices they feel comfortable with. They are _not_ hurting your sales or prices. There are simply too many people buying jewelry and not enough people supplying chainmail jewelry for that to be the case. If you are not selling reasonably well online, then most likely your problem ( provided you are making nice pieces ) is the four things that I listed above, not the price that other people are selling their items for. I'd recommend that if you are doing online sales and worried about competition you stop worrying and start educating yourself on how to do the above four things well on your own site. What matters is _your_ sales, not the prices of your perceived competitors. Yes, this advice comes from experience in other venues...but it applies to all online selling ( even mass market items ).