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  1. Tramaile

    For you new maillers and old too...a rule...

    Hope u have some madrels to tell the size difference, or now would be the time to invest in them, just make sure the dont tie and hook into the carpet. BAD! But sorry that happened to you though.
  2. Tramaile

    Dragonsback 6-1 not 4-1

    I made this out of 18g 1/4 Brass and Iconel, it is dragonsback but it is 6-1 instead of 4-1.
  3. Tramaile

    I finally conquered it! (Pic Heavy)

    WOW! Very Nice. i would love to have a whole armlet made out of that.
  4. Tramaile

    Chainmail Jump Ring Maker

    Well, since I am a Mechanical Engineer I am going to set off to make and design a fully automated, cheap, effective, jump ring maker. This machine will coil any gage and I.D., any materials, with possibly the exception of Titanium, Silver and Gold because they are precious metals, and have to be treated with care. And will also cut your rings and collect in the bundles of rings you want you want, supposed. Stay tuned and I will update soon.
  5. Tramaile

    Dad's Ring

    I made this out of 24g 1/16 I.D. Gold fill, Silver, 4 colors of anodised titanium, I am in it like 4-5 hours and that is 25% done. Sorry but the picture is hard to see, it is E4-1 11rows high.
  6. Tramaile

    Anodized Ti, Euro 8-1

    Very Nice Lawless. It looks like snake skin. I am thinking about doing a ring like that I just have to find the perfect aspect ratio. I will have to post what my fathers ring looks like he uses alot smaller stuff, well look for in the forum gallery soon. Nice work again.
  7. Tramaile

    Natasha and Delilah Necklaces

    Nice work with the E4-1. Personally I like Delilah's better. Where did you get that chain Delilah has?
  8. Tramaile

    My First Ring

    That is ecaltly how I figured it out. $10 for shipping the materials cost around $9.80. $30/3.5 = $9.40/hr. I am a beginner for one and he really liked it and said you don't see those everyday. I deliver it Monday. Are you saying I charged to much? I thought it was fair because a few people make chain mail rings for hecka! expensive. And I wanted to see if it would sell at that price, and to have someone else display my work, so it was kinda a marketing scheme.
  9. Tramaile

    My First Ring

    Yes, it is 4-1, with Sterling Silver and Gold Fill rows of 5 each. It took me a little under 3.5 hours, about $6.84 in materials. I sold one to a guy at work for $50 that included shipping of materials, I didn't have enough, but he is a size 13, I am a 8.5. Does that sound unreasonable?
  10. Tramaile

    My First Ring

    Sorry here it is.
  11. Tramaile

    My First Ring

    I made this for myself and wear it everyday.
  12. Tramaile

    Gold/Silver - Byz

    Looks professional, My father want that but made out of 18k gold wire and artumium silver but to get bigger as its get to the end.
  13. This rings size make good rings to wear, I use them. Nice work though.
  14. Tramaile

    Necklace & Bracelet

    I got the box from www.usbox.com. The only thing is in order to get 1ea you have to order samples, normally you will have to order in groups of 12, and they cost around $13 USD=1ea. $13X12=$156+$11 s/h=$167. But they are really nice boxes, all swede cover, silk interior, they have different colors and sizes check it out. Think of when metals are given away at the Olympics, what do they give away? Gold for first, Silver for second, and Bronze for third. The only thing with Bronze is that it turn dark after you have worked with it, that is the look I wanted though. Other than that it is a very good metal, it looks like gold but with a brown underlay (I am colorblind, joy) when you get it new, and changes in time. Thank you guys for your praise. It is my first public piece I have shown, I am getting into this field and love it and would like to start selling it. Any suggestions on where to sell?
  15. Tramaile

    Necklace & Bracelet

    I made this for my Aunt for her 7th Anniversary. It took me about 7 Hours give or take. I just wanted to show others, and get some feed back on how it looked. I will make another for $150 please email me here tramaile@yahoo.com. The materials are Sterling Silver, 10k Gold Fill, and Bronze. All the noble metals. What do you think guys?