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    Moved end of July from the Central Coast, SLO/Santa Barbara county area to go to school in HB
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  1. Chain Wench

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    To add to the SS1258 and 1214 thread, I would also be looking for 3-6 bags of each size.
  2. Chain Wench

    Jewelry Supplies - all beads, clasps, chain etc

    Was wondering on an ETA for the Dragon Head Pendant A (JPSS-DgnHeadA)? I have a commission request using two of them.
  3. Chain Wench

    My First Ball

    Mewpal, I used cloth scraps to stuff it.
  4. Hey Jon, sent you a PM with my name and email. Not sure if you got it. Susan Lepper
  5. Are you still taking requests? I would like this done on some square and round tags.
  6. Chain Wench

    My washer and dryer have a new purpose...

    Looking at the bag that you made, did you wash your rings with the load of towels as recommended and if so, did you experience any rub off from the bag or the rings inside the bag to the rest of the load?
  7. Chain Wench

    Pink Armor...yes I said Pink Armor

    I can't see any pictures.
  8. Chain Wench

    Person behind the maille

    Totoro! Totoro is just as awesome as chain maille!
  9. Chain Wench

    Person behind the maille

    Took this a few years ago. I am not really big on smiling, I go more for the subtle smirk.
  10. Chain Wench

    Functional yet Pretty Padlocks

    I have seen a couple sellers on Etsy that sell functional yet pretty padlocks with rhinestones and such as an option with some of their chain maille and I was wondering where I could find some or if someone knew of a reliable supplier. I suppose I could always raid the hardware store for simple hardware like I normally do but I would like to have options. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Chain Wench

    Shiken Banner

    Yes, I used IGP (Irregular Grid Pattern).
  12. Chain Wench

    The Rainbow Dice Sausage of Doom!

    16g anodized aluminum and bright aluminum. I included a clip to clip the bag to stuff for loss prevention.
  13. Chain Wench

    Shiken Banner

    I just finished my very first banner! It was supposed to be a bag but I changed my mind once the inlay was complete. I am really happy with the way it came out.
  14. Chain Wench

    I hope I can finish this soon.

    If you don't mind my asking, where do you get all the different shades of rings?