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  1. MailleLady

    24g 1/16" Goldfill

    Not an answer to your question, but I've used that size fine silver for JPL and it works fine.
  2. Oh boy! That means I should start a sculpture project, huh?
  3. MailleLady

    Assorted bag of rings

    I suggested something like this a few months ago and got shot down in a hurry
  4. MailleLady

    Favorite Superhero

  5. MailleLady

    Favorite Superhero

    This was inspired by the current Batman thread. Who is your favorite superhero? ***** Mine is the Black Widow. (Natalia Romanova of Marvel comics, not Claire Voyant of Timely comics.)
  6. MailleLady

    Me thinks I have a new....

    I love the name!
  7. I'll have to keep that in mind. I'm less than an hour from there.
  8. MailleLady

    Dirtiest non-vulgar words in the English language ?

    Seeing as where moist has already been said, I'll have to say erect.
  9. MailleLady

    Sign Found in the Window of a business in Philidelphia

    http://www.snopes.com/rumors/onejew.asp That one has been going around for awhile.
  10. MailleLady

    Planter Box (Large Images)

    That's really neat... I want one too!
  11. MailleLady

    Spelling and grammatical errors. (Yes, I know that is a sentence fragment!)
  12. MailleLady

    It was TIME ... for a New Clock!!

    Makes me think I'll just have to finish the clock on which I was working... I really do like the expanding circle idea, which never occurred to me. My plan was a box-type sculpture to hide the mechanism, which would sit in a base for easy access to replace batteries and such. I personally don't mind being able to see the mechanism. While I wouldn't use the crayon hands for myself, they look neat for a child's room. I thought I was the first to come up with the idea of a maille clock.
  13. MailleLady

    It was TIME ... for a New Clock!!

    Very true.
  14. MailleLady

    It was TIME ... for a New Clock!!

    Neato! I was working on a clock for the sculpture contest, but I didn't have the time to finish it. I love the design - I never would have thought to use CIR as the frame. Very nicely done!
  15. MailleLady

    question on permy's

    My somewhat embarrassing story, cross posted on M.A.I.L.: I made a spiral 4-1 bracelet, and I couldn't get it to hold its shape with a clasp, so I just attached it to itself. It slipped over my hand and around my wrist without a problem. (By now, you should know where I'm going with this...) For whatever reason, it will not slip back over my hand to take it off, so I have an unintentional permy. So there's one method, but I wouldn't recommend it...