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  1. Just found out r/maille is a thing. That's okay, sleep is overrated.

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    2. Toriadore
    3. Toriadore


      It's a subcategory of a site called Reddit, which is really better experienced than described.

    4. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Just checked it out. I think I'll stick to TRL's forums as I do need to sleep periodically.

  2. Toriadore


    Cute little purse with a star inlay. The bag itself measures about 10cm x 16 cm, and the whole thing hangs about 63 cm from the shoulder. I would like to sell this one, but am having troubles setting a price
  3. Toriadore

    Cuff Links

    Hi guys! I'm getting married in August, and I'd really love to make cuff links for the groom and best man. Can you tell me what size rings I should order to make the mobius ball shown in the listing for your cuff link parts? Thanks!
  4. Toriadore


    I tend to stick to mostly metal (no pun intended, I swear) and instrumentals are my favourite. Something I can tap my foot to and not get distracted by lyrics. Some favourites include: - Apocalyptica - Powerglove - Blind Guardian - Rob Zombie - Nightwish - Disarmonia Mundi - Mercenary
  5. Toriadore


    I saw a Henson Storyteller story about a hedgehog named Hans once, and it stuck with me.
  6. Toriadore


    Rice. I stitched a form in the same shape as the mail, filled it with rice, and then just wrapped the finished chainmail skin around it. I actually got the idea from this lady:
  7. Toriadore

    Green Dragon

    Wow. Just...wow.
  8. Toriadore

    Inlay Question

    For E4-1 inlays I find mapping the design out in an excel spreadsheet to give a fairly decent idea of what the end result will look like. Plus it's easy to edit, and the curser helps you remember where you are in the weave. You just have to stagger the rows, and keep in mind that the overlapping of the rings will close any single-line gaps you might have.
  9. Toriadore

    In over my head (maybe)

    A little bit of background first. I've been selling my chainmail dice bags for about six months now, with some fair success. So I approached a retailer and asked if they might be interested in stocking some of the stuff I make. I was met with a resounding "maybe" and asked to send them a terms sheet. After googling "terms sheet" I have a good idea what this is and what it is for (i.e. rules for which I will sell wholesale,) but I don't know what to include and how to format it. If anyone has tips on how to write this up, as a hobbyist, not a business woman, I would be ever so grateful.
  10. Highly amused by the chocolate and scotch debates. Apparently mailers really do appreciate the finer things in life.

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Yes, we do. If we didn't, we wouldn't be maillers. ;)

    2. calisandra


      there is a chocolate debate...I was ignoring the scotch one since I don't drink, but chocolate is another matter.

  11. Toriadore

    Scalemail Bellydancer

  12. Toriadore

    Weirdest place you've found a ring?

    You could attract a really interesting client base, making items from those rings.
  13. Toriadore

    In over my head (maybe)

    This was perfect! Thank-you so much! I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Toriadore

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    This is true; I don't make as much with the inlays as I do with the larger, less complicated bags, but the inlays keep me interested in weaving 4-in-1. I can pump out oodles of large-ringed bags in a day, sure, but I don't really want to. It gets boring and monotonous, and if I quit mailing because I'm bored, then I REALLY won't be making any money at it. At the end of the day, there are advantages and disadvantages to both large rings and small rings. The original post I replied to talked about larger rings being useful to show off dice inside, and this is absolutely true; most gamers I know (myself included) are quite proud of their collections. I was just replying to Morgoran's comment about labour costs, how smaller rings help me keep total costs down a little, even if labour works out to quite a bit more.
  15. I'm working on coloured inlays for chainmaille dice bags, and I need advice from those more experienced than myself. I generally find anodized aluminum to be easier to work with, less expensive, and stronger, however the enameled copper comes in more colours and are more resistant to chipping and flaking, which would definitely make them my choice if not for the softness issue. My question then is this: are copper rings (20ga 1/8" ID) strong enough to make small bags out of, and not pull apart after a few months of heavy use? Thanks!
  16. Toriadore

    Weirdest place you've found a ring?

    This isn't really a case of where I've found one, but rather where I can't find one. There is a 20ga 1/8" ring somewhere in my computer keyboard. I can hear it rattle around in there, but I can't find it. Have shaken the board, taken compressed air to it, and even unscrewed and taken it apart, but that ring ain't comin' out.
  17. Toriadore


    That is a seriously sexy little top. I like how the top is scooped, whereas most of the chainmail bikinis I've seen have a v-neck.
  18. Toriadore

    Google+ ... lets create a TRL circle!

    Yes please for an invite. I am so grateful for this forum and the socializing opportunities; srsly, how else do you meet other maillers? Also, toriadore.maille@gmail.com
  19. Forum for stock updates?? Brilliant!

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      glad you like! I hope it works well to keep everyone in the loop.

  20. Toriadore


    According to IMDB, he has
  21. Toriadore

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    There are a couple of advantages to using the smaller rings. There is less material needed, by weight, so that expense is kept to a minimum. Also, it makes it easier to create images in the pattern, which is how I justify costs; a custom item is worth more to a customer than a pre-made one. Depending on the size of the bag and the complexity of the inlay, I normally charge anywhere from $60-$120 for a bag.
  22. Toriadore

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    No, but I didn't need to. The rings not only looked and felt lighter, and were easier to manipulate, but when I tried to use them with some different 20ga 1/8" rings I had, they absolutely did not work. The section of red sagged and completely distorted the image I was trying to create.
  23. Toriadore

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    Yes, I agree there; I have some of the white and love it. However, I ordered some of the new red, and found that while the colour was great, the gauge of the anodized wire had been narrowed to the point where it looked more like 22ga than 20ga. I couldn't use it, and needed to get the colour in copper (which is how this issue of one vs the other started in the first place.) Do you know if there has been a new batch of red that ended up more even?
  24. Toriadore

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    For the most part, I agree; anodized aluminum has most of the properties I want. I just wish the steadfastness of the colour wasn't so varied. Thanks for the advice all. Aluminum it is!
  25. Toriadore

    Travel on Airplanes with rings and pliers

    I went through Edmonton International, Toronto Pearson, and JFK with two pairs of 6-inch pliers (bent-nose and blunt) with no problems. At EIA they actually pulled a little ruler to check the length, so I know they knew the rules. Coming back it was recommended to me at Toronto that I don't try it again with the bent-nose, as they were rather pointy.