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  1. StanleyIndraven

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    although not ideal, and duelly time consuming, one could craft the rings in halves with a tongue and groove on alternate ends, then glue them together. makes for putting it together easy. it would be nothing more than a show piece, but i believe it would be beautiful. shaping a long stick to be half a circle with a tongue on one side, then cutting it slivers off to make half rings, then sanding and carving the grooves. this i believe is the way to do it. something like this
  2. StanleyIndraven

    DragonCon 2014

    Hello all, I know some of you were there. This was my first one and had the pleasure of meeting several people that share the chain obsession. I have to admit I cannot remember everyone's names and am just wondering if anyone remembers running into a pirate with a chainmaille vest with a scale mail sleeve?
  3. StanleyIndraven

    GA Ren Faire 2014

    Anyone planning a trip already? Want to schedule for the same day and get a little time to chit chat about the craft?
  4. StanleyIndraven

    Sarting chainmal weaving as a beginner. Help Please!

    1. I'm starting with 18g 1/4, 3/16, 5/32. Are these a good size to start with? 18 1/4 is nice, makes a loose 4in1 and a flexible 6in1 but as for the other two, nice jewelry sizes, at least for the work I do. 2. Scales are good with what size Ring in the 18g? the 3/16 is good but a split ring is much better, no scale slips and holds up to normal wear much better. 3. Are small scales tricky to start with? I have only used small scales, but once you learn the right way to add split rings, nothing tricky about them. If you are using jump rings, then it is a simple open 4in1 design. 4. I have chosen to go with Aluminum. I like using Anodized for many projects, but as far as raw metal, Stainless is my first stringer. What do beginners start with in re-guard to Ring sizes, type of metals and scaling? This is completely subjective. Most people jump in for doing a full hauberk on their first go. That usually means 14 or 16g, 1/4 or 5/8 ID. Still the others approach from a small project standpoint which leaves too much variation to list.
  5. StanleyIndraven

    Plate Maille Shoulders

    I love it when Konstantine posts, it is always very informative. But I do agree Calisandra, the shield scales may make for a good option on leather, something pliant, maybe a 5-7 oz. I rather like the look my shoulders did on my scale shirt. they had a diagonal from the opening by the neck to the top of the shoulder and rotated seamlessly from front to back around the outside of the shoulder. I think it is posted in the gallery.
  6. StanleyIndraven

    Joining For the Armpit

    Is it me or is this chainmail going to hang 'wrong way'?
  7. StanleyIndraven

    Plate Maille Shoulders

    Okay, well, hi and welcome. First I would ask, by plate mail what is meant? Is this full plate with chain mail in places that need flexibility, is this chain mail with small plates inserted instead of patches of rings or is this the d&d plate mail that is basically like a breastplate and spaulders with mail to fill in the rest? That will give us a starting point. Second, are the plates leather or metal, I only ask because you mentioned you do leatherwork.
  8. StanleyIndraven

    Adonized aluminum for a belt?

    a ring and knot method would probably be best, like this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/107372115/leather-belt-brown-celtic-ring?utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_listing_promoted&utm_campaign=accessories_mid&gclid=CI68lJ7lubgCFUqY4Aod2AMAlg
  9. StanleyIndraven

    Ren fair etiquette? (Re: exclusives)

    Plutonium, that is the win right there. I do agree that the nepotism sucks. But, as a person who crafts for minor profits currently, wear the chainmaille. If you are wearing it and people stop to talk about your scale and other wares, then you can add in that the other is for sale too. I often have people walk up and ask how much i paid for what I make and I say I made it, you want to buy it? Gets some sales on simple jewelry, which is nice, but when they ask about my shirts/vests they are a little apprehensive. I have yet to see any vendors doing full on chain or scale at my local ren-fair so no-one has anything to compare my prices to.
  10. StanleyIndraven


    I can see it in your smile we probably shouldnt
  11. StanleyIndraven

    Magnetic clasp

    i use the ones Jon posted. Not magnetic but they are up to the challenge with my stainless steel vest with scale sleeves. Though having about 12 to connect and disconnect can be laborsome when wearing chain gloves.
  12. StanleyIndraven

    Maille/Bike Corset

    Hey Dweezle, how many links did it take to make the corset. I could drive myself nuts and count, but I figured you'd have at least a rough estimate.
  13. StanleyIndraven

    (Fe)Maille Corset

    You are an artist!
  14. StanleyIndraven

    Scale dice pouch?

    I want to guess at it, I say bout 70.
  15. StanleyIndraven


    I am a hobbyist at heart but know that I need to charge a decent price to make it worth my time. I charge 5 cents per ring in labor with a minimum of 6cents per ring, the price goes up as the ring cost goes up, so anything that is 1cent to 2 cent per ring in cost is a 7cent final customer charge. This usually results in 10$ bracelets that take about 15-25 min to make and over time, if i am just milling about makes 20$ per hour and costs me about 1-1.15$ in material, including findings.