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  1. If you check the topmost pattern, the flat laying rings are about 3/4 or smaller. Insert other media
  2. The idea is great .. but I also have seen tables with pass-through lighting or glow in the dark fill ..imagine .. A table with glowing runes
  3. In thread sized rings .. ok .. 4mil .. sure .. 16g? not a chance Heh, that would be about 1226 lbs and $57333 and 277 ft long .. approx assuming 1 bag of rings per row .. 13333 rows x 300 wide. ^^ just for fun. How bigs this thing gonna be ? 8ft? 8x3 Figure 384 rows x 128 columns = 49152 rings approx at 1/4" Should be very interesting when finish .. post updates eh ?
  4. If your making jewerly .. in other words, small numbers of rings .. it's fine, once you learn how. If your planning on making a 1000 rings, forget it. Go for something scaled up.
  5. Sorry Skylar .. you went up and down .. the row that needs removed is 45 degrees down-right The right orange scale needs removed .. and all the ones down-right in that row. You're going to have to open that ring ..remove that scale .. and attach to the row above to the row below ...
  6. Ok .. in the next to last picture .. I think I see another problem. .. Start in the upper left .. and go down right .. following the rows.. They come to your contraction .. with the gold rings ... so far so good. They contract into 1 line and continue down-right .. If you check the row beneath that .. start in the corner and go down-right .. that row is nice and neat ... And here it comes ... if you follow the three rows .. .. they contract into 2 rows ..then 1 scale past the contraction .. theres a new row between the 2 again ... Sorry for using paint .. its all I have atm.
  7. Yup ... hows it look from the front now in that area?
  8. Ok, I am by no means a master of scale .. but I can see a problem right off .. which would be an image issue. .. And me on a new puter with no editor .. sigh Ok .. the scale with 5 rings thro it .. top one links to 2 scales .. but they are misaligned. Bring the right one (last picture) behind the left one .. that may clear up some of the scatter effect.
  9. Time to ring in the new year (ba'dum ching)
  10. Ya .. weird title right? I banhammer spammers ( I do so enjoy it ) .. I'm also on the FB chaimmail forum and the Star Trek Online forum (not an mod there). So today I check my FB forums .. my emails .. and then TRL forums .. and there's a spammer here for STO Zen and EC <in game money> Just made me pause and look up where I was ... yup on TRL, really? Their spamming here?! Oh the joy of banning them! Can't do it in game or on FB, but despawned them here! Weird start to the day.
  11. 1st off .. Greetings and well met. Always happy to help. It looks like your doing your weave "the wrong way" which is to say it hangs open, all the rings dangling, it's fine, it's just called that. But expansion and contraction in that form is going to be a bit more problematic. To do a expansion in the "right way" .. hang a single ring off the right side ( in your picture ) then add all the rings as normal .. meaning that in 1 place you have an extra ring now and continue mailing as normal. This will provide the expansion you need. There's no way I know to do it in the "wrong way" .. which is why they call it that. So basically your looking at a vertical expansion/contraction instead of a horizontal. Now this CAN be made to work .. making it small and expanding sideways to fit. Good luck!.. Oh .. and here in the post screen .. there's a little picture ,right and under, size, click that to add http location of your pic to mount it in message. I hope that was clear enough
  12. Scales are metal .. anodized yup .. but still metal. I have ordered and used some and didn't see more than the odd scale with a flaw .. now that said once you put them into a piece, well, they are metal .. rubbing against metal, so ya flaws develop. You got gavy, but you might want to try finishing a small piece in a harder metal, like stainless. To secure the rings the ringlord recommends doubled stainless spring steel .. think keychain connector, 20ga <thin> but doubled .. open the gap slide the scale in .. round and round and its in. do that again and you got 2 scales connected .. you will be doing this 4 times for each scale in a pattern. Then securing it to your leather.
  13. For scale, pickle and ultrasonic For shine dawn water and ultrasonic .. keep your brush for clearing bonded scales, instead of scratching your work.
  14. Heh /snark on They have football? ..Oh ya, and the Packers? heheh /off Ya, forecasters are confused as hell about your area .. it's supposed to be snowing heavily with the storm headed your way. Instead some of the programs say heavy rains instead .. in Dec? at the Great Lakes?, that's just wrong. We need to find ya some mailling buds, just for the company! Oh and avoid Taco Bell, I dunno what the hell they do, but it seems they boil the meat up there and forget the spices, shudder.
  15. Warmth and support from Austin .. high of 81 and low of 55 this Thursday. So we can spare ya some! Roughing it in the great cold North. I almost deleted your post ..Kenosha Wisconsin? .. Really? .. See Fonzy anywhere ? That's a real place.. just Wow .. heh