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    Some advice from a noob to noobs all around!

    I think I have to agree, I've been working on chainmail for quite a while )in my opinion), and I am by no means above intermediate (if that far), and have yet to figure out JPL. I've only tried it a few times and just failed miserably. Congrats to you on your acomplishment!
  2. galil86

    Eureka! Mirror-Like polish on BA.

    I also don't have any pics
  3. galil86

    Chainmail Computer Program?

    That's what I've kinda started doing. I've begun working on something in VBA for this kinda thing. Like you said I've found how much the AR will tell me about the ring but I'm convinced that something could be devoloped that is simillar to the AR that would say something about the density of the weave. I'm going to try and con a friend of mine (who is a math major) to see what he can find. If he finds something I think it would be a MAJOR breakthru if not we'll still be working the old fashioned way just like we have been.
  4. galil86

    Fun picture

    That does sound good, espically since I've got Finals the next two weeks. this will have to do for now
  5. galil86

    Chainmail Computer Program?

    Being a mailer and an engineer/programing student I would be willing to work on a prototype (thus the main reason I was wondering if there was an intrest). I've seen what some of the engineering programs can do and it's INSANE:eek: The program (unless turned over to professionals) would be a rough estimate that would be inheriently designed overestimate ring count. Like you said there as so many variables it's hard to get anything accurate. Again just looking for points of view, pros, cons, and intrest.
  6. galil86

    Is there a program?

    I was just wondering if there was a computer program that allowed you to "weave" a project before you decided to actually undertake it. Kinda letting you know where the problem spots would me, experiment with diferent weave combinations, and other things like that. If there isn't a program like this what would it take to get one? I think that it could be really handy.
  7. galil86

    Talk about a profit

    The bracelet that Llisa made is VERY nice, I love tight weaves.