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  1. I was just looking at doing something that would give a rough estimate and a time goal to shoot for on projects.

    I guess this means that there is a program/database already in existence that would do what I'm looking for. Where is this one on MAIL that you speak of? I haven't run across it before.

  2. So while working on a Christmas project I had a thought. How hard would it be to make a program that could give an estimated length of a project along with a price for said project? Does such a program already exist? Would it be useful? I'm willing to do the coding for the program, probably just make it in Excel. I know as someone that is wanting to start in the industry it can be a large task to estimate the time and cost of a project. As a soon to graduate industrial engineer I figured I could do a time study to figure out who long it took to do one weave and use a factor scaling method to adjust for different weaves, materials, sizes, etc. So here are my questions.

    Would anyone be interested in something like this?

    If so, would you be willing to help with information? (especially those of you that are more experienced with different weaves)

    What factors should I include in the program?

    Would you want it to be something you could hand to a customer?

    What other information would you want the program to give you?

    What weaves should be included?

    What materials should be included?

    Is there anything that I'm missing?

    Here are the factors that I'm contemplating putting into the program:

    Difficulty material

    Number of rings


    "Hourly wage"

    Difficulty of weave

    I realize that this is a large undertaking however it will be something that I do in my spare time unless there is a huge demand for the program. I can't guarantee when it would be done but the bigger the response I get the quicker it will be finished. So, what does everyone think?

  3. With a lot of foul language, this is the method I use... :D


    I think this is exactly what I was looking for, the downside is I haven't made the jump from buying rings to buying wire so I don't have any laying around that I could use.

    Thanks a BUNCH:)

  4. Thanks to everyone for their input. About two hours after I posted this I had a revelation on how to do it, low and behold it worked. Now finally getting a chance to get back to the forum you all have just confirmed what I did. Thanks for the confidence.

  5. I've been trying to figure out for some time now the best way to create a clasp for CIR and Inverted round but to no avail. if there were 2 or 4 rings in each section I could do it no problem but there are three. Is my perfectionism kicking in or do I just need to take something that works and use that.

  6. I have had smaller messes, two or three types of rings get mixed up, and now I am VERY thankful for my ocd personality. I went from a toolbox w/ drawrs to a vertical container rack (the things that people tend to keep nails and screws in) for home use. For travel I went down to the local hobby shop and bought a bead container. It's a box that has 12 cylinder containers w/ screw-on lids. Agian I'm VERY VERY thankful that I HATE having one ring in the wrong spot and fixed the problem before it got out of hand. Have fun sorting, I'd help if I could.

  7. I never said I was successful. I consider it a VERY good month if I sell one of my bracelets the if BA and rubber for $7. This month has been EXTREEMLY good because I've sold three bracelets and three BA FP necklaces. I would have to say that the biggest trick is to just keep at it and not to get discouraged when you don't sell anything.

  8. I am trying to make my own rings and I have some questions for everyone. Before I ask them though here is what I currently have: drill that takes a 3/8" chuck, desk, wood to mount everything on, and I am planning on purchasing a dimmer switch to control the speed. I would like to eventually make this set-up so that I can make a coil, adjust a few things and then cut the coil without having to buy another drill. I've looked for a highspeed jeweler's saw and have just become more confused. So here are my questions.

    What do I have left to purchase before I should start assembling the rig?

    What size blade should I buy for the drill that I have?

    How should I cool the blade while cutting coils?

    Related to the previous question what should I use to reduce the dangerous metal dust that I will create while cutting?

    Is there any major precautions that I should take when cutting that are commonly missed?

    All help is abreciated as I don't want to recreate a similar situation as when I first started making maille. That would be hand winding, hand cutting 12ga galvy. I quickly switched to AL and then to buying the rings once I found TRL. Thanks in advance.

  9. Like I said, my deal fell thru when he learned how much he would be having to spend (and getting back) so now I'm stuck back making bracelets for people every 3-4 weeks. If I find a deal (or just flat out build up the money) I'll let you know. It will be hard for me to actually attend the fair now because I'm working weekends, but hey it pays the bills.

  10. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me. It will allow me to make sure that I have enough inventory when I go to a festival. However the deal I was hoping for fell thru price tag was too big :(. I will eventually get into a festival, I'm just hoping that it comes before my hands give out but that is still a ways away. Thanks again.

  11. Ok, so I know nothing about this festival ... so bare with me on a few questions:

    1) What's the attendance at the festival each weekend?

    2) How many other vendors of maille are already at the festival?

    3) How large is your booth/tent space?

    - Dunedon

    I can answer the last two of these questions right now and take a guess on the first.

    1) Thousands that's the best I can do it could very well venture into the tens of thousands

    2) There is one other vendor that claims chainmaile but from what I have seen it is a very limited supply and focuses mainly on women's headdresses (again something that I haven't tried and probably will wait atleast untill after the festival to try). They also do a good deal of work with beaded items and metal working so I don't feel too bad about stepping on any toes comming in with only chainmaile

    3)Tent space is 10' x 10'. I haven't purchased any tables or display structures (for lack of a better word)

    Frostfly: I believe that I will have plenty of time to make stock but the time crunch will be selecting the items that I want to sell and getting them made in time to be reviewed by the board. I work a weekend job and have plenty of free time durring the week so I still feel confident that I can get it done.

  12. I have gotten an offer that I cannot seem to refuse, my father is willing to put up the cost of getting me into the Tennessee Renesance Festival. The costs that he is willing to pay inclue, booth insurance (required for the festival), tent, booth fee, and ALL inventory. We've basically found all of the costs other than the inventory, that's what my question is. How much do I need to make? What would be the best things to have in stock? I have mainly made jewelry and would consider myself an intermediate on skill level. One of my biggest sellers by word of mouth is bracelets that use TRL rubber rings. I would also assume that I would need to include standard all metal bracelets and earings. I have never made the headpieces that I have seen at the festival before (women's headdress), do I need to make some of those? Dice bags would be a good idea, I have also made a purse for my mother. I have also made my girlfriend a bikini top and am currently working on a skirt to go with it, should I make more?

    OK enough of me brainstorming and down to business. As you can probably tell I am completely lost on how much I need to make (also one of everything has to be made before January so that is can be approved). How much stock should I have for the festival? When the sun is out on the festival grounds you might have more room movign around in a sardine can. All help is apreciated.