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  1. ura

    Flying with Chainmail?

    Keep in mind that TSA changes what is and isn't allowed depending on the level of alert at the particular airport. And of course it always depends on who you get when you pass through security. That having been said, if you call the airports you will be flying through and they give you the green light you should be fine.
  2. ura

    The Ringanator and its Like

    One thing to keep in mind when building your own is to carefully consider the guide. I know Martin put serious thought into the guide setup he has for the ringanator to allow it to handle many sizes and also, maybe more importantly, to prevent clogging and backups. I've heard horror stories of clogs and backups that have thrown rings around the room and create a pretty big safety hazard. I also know Martin went through several prototypes before settling on the current ringanator design. I would say if you want to build it just because go for it, otherwise you sound pretty handy, it might be a vary realistic option for you to buy the "smaller, cheaper" package and get your own motor and case setup. Either way I recommend searching the forums for old posts from Martin about his process and ringanator so you don't have to reinvent so much.
  3. ura

    Graduated Byzantine Necklace

    I haven't made any graduated jewelery yet, but I seem to recall the "wise ones" saying in their advice to change either wire gauge or ring size, but never both at the same time as you go along to get the seamless look. Hope that helps you out! Good luck! :beer:
  4. ura

    Juried Show Suggestions

    Here is a link to one of the best homemade busts I've seen as far as picture taking goes.... I don't know that it would work as well for display during a show. I have not actually made one for myself yet. http://www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com/necklace-display.html I don't know how handy you (or a good friend) is with a sewing machine/thread and needle, but a nice way to display bracelets is a small "tube" pillow. It would sew up really quickly and not take much fabric. As far as earrings go I've seen some really neat ways to use business cards or card stock and print a design on them and then punch small holes for the earrings. I can't find any links to the examples I am thinking of, but one I remeber was a geisha face 2/3rds profile, one earring actually went "on" her ear and the other was slightly offset. It was pretty, tidy, and gave you an idea of what the earring would like on a person. Just a couple of ideas.... Good Luck!!!
  5. In addition to the wonderful information already posted, be prepared for whoever makes the "buying" decisions to be busy and ask to make an appointment if that happens. Good Luck!!
  6. ura

    Didn't sell a single thing :(

    You might also try engaging the customers who really looked at items and seemed to really love something and see what is keeping them from buying it.. maybe its just a little bit too expensive or maybe they don't have enough cash on them, but would be willing to put half down to reserve the piece. Who knows, but maybe if you can engage them in conversation before they get a chance to walk on you can find out what is sticking point for them. I don't know how you have your pricing set up, and I haven't had the opportunity to try this yet, but a lot of people have said that "volume pricing" a few items really helps increase sales. What I mean by this is something along the lines of a $15 area for earrings that are $15 for one pair, $14 ea for two pair and $12 ea for three pair (or something similar). Some people just can't resist the bargain and if they really only wanted one pair go get two more to get the better deal. It also makes a great upsell at the counter, they bought one you can ask if they noticed the discount on two pair etc. Just another thing to think about. Good luck at the next one!!
  7. right now the dragon head almost looks like it could be used as a mask. This gives me all kinds of ideas....
  8. ura


    i don't know about the east coast area, but in the northwest strawberries typically fruit from mid-May to mid-June. So they'll stop fruiting approximately a month after they started. Also, depending on the variety you get two to three "pickings" of fruit. So if you get a third set of fruit you can be pretty sure that's the last batch for the year.
  9. ura

    Any Ideas On This....?

    What about ending the byz ladder with a spacer or necklace end bar? TRL has Sterling Silver spacers that have three links on one side and just one on the other side. They also have the end bars in several materials. Your local bead store would probably have several kinds too, then you could try it out to check for width on your piece. Good Luck!
  10. I'm looking into doing a small "show" for a local dance recital and realized that it would be very complimentary to other items I will have to sell small charms and charm bracelets. Right now I'm in process of deciding if I want to make the bracelets and what materials I'll need to make them. My first thought was maybe simple byzantine with an AR loose enough to be "three connector" but make it two connector so there would be space to attach the charms. I wonder if it would look inconsistent with charms attached only every so often. Another thought was JPL, but since it requires such a specific AR I wasn't sure there would be space enough to attach charms. Does anyone have experience with making/selling charm bracelets? I'd love to hear other people's experiences. Thanks! Ura
  11. ura

    Question on US Military Reserves

    Right, when I said he was too old I was talking about enlisting in AirForce, which he is too old to do, but not too old to do reserves. Since we live near Colorado Springs we always think of AirForce first when thinking about military branches. A big thanks to everyone who is contributing to this thread. We've all been enjoying everyone's information. We've sent a pm to MightyDog for more info. At some point we'll probably have to make a trip over to the next "biggish" city and talk to the recruiter there. We live in a a little town and so we don't have any recruiters here.
  12. ura

    Future project

    Honestly I think just about anything you like would be fine. I would consider making a few in the school colors of your area, or of a major team there. Other than that I don't really know where you to steer you. Good luck!
  13. ura

    Question on US Military Reserves

    Deb, I took his word on the too old, but your comment made me go look. Each branch actually has it's own max age for active and reserves, he's too old for active air force or marines (27 & 28 respectively) active navy is 34. Ha ha! I was helpful in ferreting out some more info. Thanks for the poke Deb. :runs off to go tell hubby:
  14. My husband is looking into joining the US military reserves. He's 29 so he's too old to enlist now and he's regretting never doing it. Specifically he's looking into Air Force or Navy Reserves. Is there anyone around knowledgable about the topic who would be willing to trade PMs or e-mails with him about it? Thanks, Ura
  15. ura

    Having a really bad day

    Sending some big hugs your way. I hope tomorrow is better. :beer: