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  1. SilentThunder

    Aspect Ratio Calculator v2.0

    Wow, glad to see this thread is still in here. Hope this bump helps padawans to find these files, and I hope you all still find them useful.
  2. SilentThunder

    Excel workbook for chainmaille

    Try this tool out, It's tomething that I made a couple years ago and posted here. I think that the post has probably been deleted by now.....the forum software has upgraded a few times :+) . Basically all you do is type in what Aspect Ratio you want, and it wlil give you all of the possible ring size/wire diameter combinations you could use (+- 0.1AR) to get that Aspect ratio. Just make sure that in Excel you have enabled the "Analysis Toolpack" Add-In. Link to the File: Ring Finder How to enable the Analysis ToolPack: Link to Microsoft Instructions
  3. SilentThunder

    Strange Tumbler Question

    I'm going to have to agree with Gunter. I own one of these myself and the smell is due to the rubber of the barrel not being vulcanized properly, which is also what causes the "gunk" that comes off after a good cleaning. Based on my past experience with this tumbler, I would make the following suggestions... Follow Gunter's cleaning instructions You ABSOLUTELY MUST loosen the mounting of the motor and slide it over until the belt is as loose as you can get it or you WILL break belts like crazy. Eeven with the belt that loose it will work just fine. I've had mine for about 2 years now, and the last belt I had ran for just over a year before it broke. Last time it broke I just replaced it with a couple decent rubber bands and it's been working fine ever since
  4. SilentThunder

    Finished Top

    Hahahaaa...I love it Trancos!! Fenris: I'm not really sure...I would compare it to 2-3 12oz Sodas.
  5. SilentThunder

    Finished Top

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I've definitely been considering what other options I could do to make the neck strap more comfortable. I've actually got a, E4-1 choker that comes together in a 45deg seam in the front that I think would look nice, but I haven't got around to fooling with it yet. As for Modeled pics, I've had some interest from a couple local photographers. The first one (who actually put me onto the idea for making it) was going to have a model at his shoot who wanted to get some shots in it, but by the time the shoot came around she had bronchitis. Another photographer showed some interest in it when I was at the local artist's market, but we'll have to see if anything comes of it. If I get a good modeled pic you can count on seeing it posted here! BTW, The guy who originally suggested that I make the piece found this pic online and asked me if I could make something like it. He didn't tell me where he got the pic from, and to be honest, I was half-expecting someone to lay claim to the original design. Anyhow...I think I'm gonna do something a little different for the bottom half of the outfit. I'll forward pics when it's completed. Here's the original design I was given...
  6. SilentThunder

    Finished Top

    Each side is a perfect E4-1 triangle, 50 rings wide at the bottom (if that makes any sense). The back has another 2-2 chain like the one at the top. I made both of the 2-2 chains (top and back) a little long on purpose to make it more adjustable, although my wife keeps giving me a hard time because the excess chain in the back dangles down in between the "cheeks" of the mannequin's butt, lol. Edit: Both the neck and back chains have hooks to make the length adjustable...
  7. SilentThunder

    Finished Top

    Recently had a photographer friend come to me with a pic he found on the web and ask me if I could make something like it for a photo shoot. This is what I came up with. Comments welcome. 14516BA in this piece, but I think it'll work better and be lighter if I redo in 1614BA
  8. SilentThunder

    I've been published...

    Kudo's dear!! It's about time your work get some more recognition, you deserve it!!
  9. SilentThunder

    elfweave by cgmaille

    I think you're overthinking it a bit. Unless you have some specific purpose that requires using Phong's Elfsheet methodology, try this method. It works just as well and it might be less confusing for you.
  10. SilentThunder

    new family on the block

    Welcome To The addiction insanity Forums!! A few things I would like to recommend..... 1. Do some research on Aspect Ratio, or A/R. Aspect Ratio is the "Magic Key" to chainmaille, and doing it right. If you try to do a weave with the wrong aspect ratio one of two things will happen. Either it won't work, or it can look like complete crap. Vacacita has a good article HERE. Other good A/R guides can be found HERE and HERE. Once you have a good idea what A/R you need, you might want to check out my post HERE. 2. If you use the local hardware store as a source for rods to use as mandrels you'll get a decent general selection. For a wider selection, I would recommend knitting needles. They are dirt cheap and you can usually get them in 0.25mm increments at Wal-Mart or your local sewing shop. If you still can't find the size you need, I here there's this place called TheRingLord.com that has an awesome selection of mandrels . Have fun!!
  11. SilentThunder

    Aspect Ratio Calculator

    Ok everyone. I posted a thread with all this information a few years ago, but since then the forums have gone through 2 major software changes/upgrades and it appears as if the old original thread has been lost. So I'm reposting this, with the hopes that it will be of benefit to all the maillers who also happen to be Excel users. For your consideration.... Aspect Ratio Calculator v2.0 We start off today with a tool that I built to help figure out what the A/R is of any given combination of wire gauge and ring size (Inner Diameter). The file was built in MS Excel 2003, and is pretty self-explanatory once you get it open, but be sure to follow the steps below to confirm that you have the correct Excel Addin installed. The Aspect Ratio Calculator can be downloaded HERE. Ring Finder Finally we have what I consider to be the most helpful tool. The Ring Finder allows you to enter the desired Aspect Ratio, and will list the wire/ring size combinations that you will need to be able to get that Aspect Ratio, within a 0.1A/R range. As an example, if you tell it that you want an A/R of 5.0, then it will tell you all the wire/ring combinations that will produce an aspect ratio of anywhere from 4.9-5.1. The tool works for both AWG and SWG gauge wires, and will give you the inner diameters of the rings in either inches or millimeters. Just make sure that you select the correct sheet tab at the bottom to meet your needs. The Ring Finder can be downloaded HERE. Making Sure The Files Work To make sure that these files work for you...In Excel, click on "Tools" menu and select "Add-Ins". Make sure that you have a check mark next to the "Analysis Toolpak" Add-In and then click OK. Once you have done that, close Excel and then open the file back up and it will work. The file uses the "CONVERT" function in Excel, which requires this Add-In to work properly. Don't worry, this Add-In comes standard with Excel so you will have it. Hope these tools help everyone, and feel free to email me if you have any further suggestions.
  12. SilentThunder

    What is the best gauge wire for making full persian

    I've got to agree with Skedros here, but you're asking the wrong question. The question that you should be asking is "What Aspect Ratio is good for XX Persian Weave". Before you go any further into weaving I would suggest doing a little research into Aspect Ratio's and their affect on weaves. That being said, and A/R of around 5 works nicely for both FP6-1 and HP4-1, but you would probably find it to be a bit loose in HP3-1 and perhaps a bit snug in the HP3-1 Sheet weaves. 16ga 5/16" is a great size to learn with for Persian weaves. Once you have the weave down pat you can move onto smaller versions like 18ga 1/4" (AR 5.3), 19ga 5mm (AR 5.0), or 20ga 5/32" (AR 5.0)
  13. SilentThunder

    Holiday Greetings From Lurkdom

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. It's nice to know I've been missed. Hopefully I'll have some finished works to post here in the next couple weeks...
  14. SilentThunder

    Holiday Greetings From Lurkdom

    Hey all, I know that I've mostly been lurking around here for the last year, and I wanted to let you in on why. We found out last December (2008) that my wife was pregnant, and got ready to welcome baby #2 to the family. Unfortunately though, my wife seems to be...well...for lack of a better way of putting it...allergic to getting pregnant. Within a month of finding out that she was pregnant, she was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This was the second pregnancy in a row that she's had it. If none of you saw the episodes on Dr. Phil or Oprah, let's just say that Hyperemesis causes enough difficulties with a pregnancy that 50 years ago the only way for a woman to survive it was basically to abort. I won't go too much into the details (which you can find HERE and HERE and HERE) but needless to say It's been a crazy year. Long story short, wifey came out of it ok after a brief addition of Gestational Diabetes, and on August 12th we welcomed Havyn Elizabeth to our brood. After a short, 7-day stay in the local NICU she come home and everything seems to be going great. I really feel blessed that things have turned out as well as they have, and I wanted to drop a line to let you all know that I'm still here, still making stuff (in between changing dirty diapers) and that I wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your ring supply never end, your closures perfect, and your Aspect Ratios just right! http://www.adventconspiracy.org/