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  1. Raskolnikov

    Whew! New forum AND my login still works

    Through interesting coincidence it was a dice bag in 16g 5/16" stainless that brought me back here as well, and my experience was similar with the very obvious lack of callouses where once callouses had been. An acquaintance made some comment about wanting to get a mail dice bag, and I told them that I could probably just make one for them. Found some old coils in a box in the basement, which was fortuitous as it's probably been 5-6 years since I've actually made any real mail. Things seem very quiet here compared to how I remember the old forum, but it is nice to see that it's still up and around as a resource.
  2. Raskolnikov

    Brass rocks

    A quick dip in silver cleaner will bring the luster back to brass and bronze. It's how I maintain my own bronze jewelry.
  3. Raskolnikov

    In the POOL on Thanksgiving

    Yes, the thermocline is the point at which the water forms a barrier based on density differences due to temperature differences. The warmest water on a frozen lake will usually be at the very bottom; around 4 degrees celcius. You'll still live longer in that air (which is a poor conductor of heat), since water will remove heat energy from the body at a rate that is roughly 25-30 times faster than that of the air. Our perception of temperature is pretty relative, though - hence that initial warm feeling of entering a sun-baked pond in the wee hours of a cool night.
  4. Raskolnikov

    Returning from the nether

    This is fast becoming the "Old User Thread".
  5. Raskolnikov

    other one that's still alive

    That's quite a setback to have overcome. Sorry to hear about it, but here's to your fighting spirit.
  6. Raskolnikov

    I broke my saw =(

    That sucks - I broke two saws on Sunday when some stray bits of metal shot off of the coil. It's been said many times in the past - but take care with sawing that galvanized steel. The fever that can come along with that is no joke (having been there once).
  7. Raskolnikov

    Welding wire question...

    You can obtain 1/16" TIG welding rids in 3ft lengths from most welding supply places. These will often be in 308 stainless. Be forewarned, however, that the TIG rods are usually dead soft.
  8. Raskolnikov

    stainless steel question

    I've made a few items out of stainless 308L TIG rods. They're soft, which is the only real limitation I found.
  9. Raskolnikov


    Take a break for a few years.
  10. Raskolnikov

    I call him Steve.

    Now that is very cool.
  11. Raskolnikov

    macromaille ideas wanted

    I'd probably us an ID closer to 1.5" in e4-1. The web idea is neat...might get prohibitively heavy, though. I think that I'd do the e4-1 if it were my own project.
  12. Raskolnikov

    Cuttign coils

    Handcutters (bolt cutters, snips, etc...) can't be beat for convenience. However, if you want great cuts without breaking the bank I highly recommend using a cheap variable speed drill press set up with a metal slitting saw.
  13. Raskolnikov

    wire, coils, or rings?

    I start with wire...haven't bought rings in maybe ~5 years, and that was because I wanted some with a special surface treatment. I rarely, rarely make anything on commission (so speed is of no importance), and it is the process in and of itself (to take the wire and make it into something as opposed to assembling the rings) that I enjoy. I know that there are plenty of processes involved in the production of the wire as well, but I've got to draw the line somewhere as this is but a hobby.
  14. Raskolnikov

    Queston for those of you with permy maille

    I had a "permanent" anklet for a summer...no problems with it then, but when it came time to wear boots again I had to ditch it. The break-ring is, as mentioned, almost a necessity.