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  1. Levi

    New shirt

    I thought so myself after I made it. So far it stays in place. Maybe what little hair I have left holds it there. lol
  2. Levi

    New shirt

    Shirt.bmp This is a new shirt I finished with coif. Stats are stainless steel 1814 on both pieces. Please ignore the dust spot on pants from camera :-)
  3. Levi

    NC Ren Faire

    Today's the last day of the faire. My niece called and said she and a friend still want to go. Forcast calling for light rain towards the afternoon. Hoping it holds off till tonight. Turkey leg here I come. Levi
  4. Levi

    NC Ren Faire

    Dalking I was there the same day. We may have seen each other. I talked to quit a few people dressed up in costume so who knows. We may have spoken. Looks like I will heading back to the faire again on the 22nd. My niece wants to go and I enjoyed it the first time. Levi
  5. Levi

    A Work in Progress

    This is what is keeping me from my rings and pliers. I am working on a maille shirt and a outfit for my wife. But the plane is first.
  6. Levi


    Thanks for the info and spell check Levi
  7. Levi


    Can anyone tell me where to purchase a used maniquin?
  8. Levi

    NC Ren Faire

    Anyone going to the North Carolina Ren Festival in Huntersville? Dates: October 10 - November 22
  9. Levi

    teaching a 9 year old?

    Euro 4-1 is probally the easiest to make, and could hold his attention for a while in making a bracelet or even a belt.
  10. Levi

    what do you drive?

    I drive a 2007 Toyota Tacoma SR5 with access cab. 23 mpg. I want a 1973-74 BMW 2002 tii
  11. Levi

    Running in maille

    I ran Monday afternoon in 80 degree weather 90% humidity. 4 miles on a trail @ 10 min per mile. wearing a 12 lb. euro 4-1 shirt. Dead or at least felt like it afterwards.
  12. Levi

    Kittens (pics)

    You nailed it Sithus. He looks hungry.
  13. some great ideas ya'll come up with. I like the table one.
  14. Levi


    Mine is the first large piece I done. Now taking it apart to make a full shirt. Waiting to finish building my ultralite and use that for awhile. Levi
  15. Levi

    how to hang this....

    Looks fine as is. IMO Levi