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  1. GavinTheCard

    Multiple Weave Ring Bracelet

    This is a ring bracelet I made for my girlfriend. The silver rings are sterling silver and I added yellow (though it arrived kinda green) niobium rings to the strand between the bracelet and ring because her favourite colour is yellow. The bracelet uses Elfweave while the strand uses a slight variation on Anoushka, and the ring is half persian 3-in-1. I know it's a hodgepodge of weaves, but I'm not very good at choosing visuals that compliment each other. I just thought these looked nice. She loves it so that's all that matters to me .

    © Gavin Card

  2. GavinTheCard

    AFC Wimbledon Aluminium Scarf

    Measures approximately 5 feet by 6 inches. All anodized aluminium rings with single-ring-width tassels added on the ends. Very proud and happy to finally be finished this piece.

    © Gavin Card

  3. GavinTheCard

    MTG Mana Coasters

    Nope, just plain ol' 4-in-1 . I can put up the patterns if there's interest.
  4. GavinTheCard

    MTG Mana Coasters

    A set of 5 41-ring-diameter coasters made from 20ga 7/64" enamelled copper. Except the grey background of the black mana, that's Niobium for the proper colour.

    © Gavin Card

  5. GavinTheCard

    Detailed inlay, color contrast, material choice

    I made a steel 16g shirt with a red aluminum templar cross in the center. I couldn't actually get much detail in to it because at 16g, there just weren't that many rings to work with (relatively). And while the colour held up fine (the was was laid flat for storage) without scratching much, the weight of the steel definitely started prying a few of the rings apart after a few uses. Not too hard to change them out if you have a backup container of rings for it(only about 6 or 7 rings after a year of use, but your design makes me think the weight pull would be different and cause more prying).
  6. GavinTheCard

    Desert Bus For Hope

    Indeed it is . I made half of it during last year's Desert Bus and the other half throughout this year. I hope they accept it.
  7. GavinTheCard

    Desert Bus For Hope

    New inlay I made for auction for my favourite charity event . This will likely be the last inlay I make for a long while. They take so long to make and have no real variance to the work that it becomes insanely monotonous.
  8. GavinTheCard

    Dragonscale Pinecone Earrings

    Sounds good to me . I don't make jewelry for business, I just experiment as a hobby. For anyone wondering, I used Saw Cut Bronze at 20g, 3/16ID, and Niobium (peacock blue and teal) at 20g, 1/8ID. The earring hooks I bought locally, they're rose gold. Glad you guys like them!
  9. GavinTheCard

    Dragonscale Pinecone Earrings

    Pinecone earrings I made to go along with a friend's bracelet. These I made almost by accident when I noticed how nice it looked to make a tight cylinder of dragonscale.
  10. GavinTheCard

    Dragonscale Bracelet

    A dragonscale bracelet I made for a friend. Brass for the larger rings, and 2 different niobium blues for the inner rings to give it a slightly pearlescent look.
  11. GavinTheCard

    Canucks Logo

    My third inlay project, but my first NHL logo. About 7,700 rings of 20g 7/64 ID enameled copper.
  12. GavinTheCard

    Dragonscale on a small scale

    So you've inspired me to make a trinket of my own in micromaille dragonscale. A funny thing happened while I've been making it too. One of my friends saw it and (knowing nothing about what I was doing, or maille-ing in general) said it looked a lot like fishscale. So we've taken to calling micromaille dragonscale "Fishscale" now .
  13. GavinTheCard


    An Inlay I made while I was working on SSX. Took me months to finish due to work and my personal life, and some issues with supply. But I'm so happy with the result now that it's done . Info Rings Size: Enamelled Copper 20g 7/64" (for the white, blue and black) and Stainless Steel 20g 7/64" (for the silver) Number of rings: ~21,000 That's a canadian loonie in the bottom left for size comparison (a little bit bigger than a quarter if you've never seen one). Hope you like it

    © Gavin Card

  14. GavinTheCard

    Inlay supply issue

    I use stainless steel for silver in my 20g 7/64 enameled copper inlays. The AR is a tiny bit different due to no enamel but the difference is negligible .
  15. GavinTheCard

    Warrior Dash Armor

    If you're in the states, the Warrior Dash originated there and tours almost ever state (Them coming to Canada was a recent bonus). Here's their website: http://warriordash.com/. There's tons of other events everywhere just like them (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder to name a couple).