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  1. fun

    scale fabric fabrication services

    you mean like "epitome"? http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=36247&highlight=epitome
  2. fun

    scale fabric fabrication services

    “I could be completely mistaken. Suckers ARE born every minute...” right this is perfectly sanctioned..... little biased are we? as we already said, water and bridges. you're obviously a little late. and you'll notice who of us had to have the last word in our little fray. k thx bb
  3. fun

    commission contract

    anyone have a nice commission contract PDF?
  4. fun

    scale fabric fabrication services

    ok now yer just tap dancing, unable to admit it. whatever, bridges and water. I forgive you. epitome? oh oh oh yeah? welll yer the embodied lexicon of the totality of humanities disparaging definitions. yeah so there
  5. fun

    scale fabric fabrication services

    maybe so, but I’d have proffered that in a pm. but do to your admitting that it's an easy chore, why would you doubt anyone could do it? sorry. too inconsistent to be said motivation for post. ok, so, full up front is maybe excessive. material and shipping costs up front is perhaps more acceptable. x1.5 costs. so you'll assemble 1000 stainless large scales and 2000 stainless split rings for 67.50usd? "This would be like going into a garage, and telling the senior mechanic...." puffery?
  6. fun

    scale fabric fabrication services

    x3 materials cost also includes the fabric. x3 is a low price to pay unless yer talking the ti scales, of what, I'll do x2 materials cost. This is really just an assembly chore and not anything that necessitates “your work” style phraseology. I.E. assembly, not art. As for the photos, I just don't have a camera quite as yet. I hope to have some photos available after Christmas. I assume I’m drastically undercutting your price for such fabrication, given your website. I would appreciate it if you were up front about it though. I can also do some polishing and burnishing but it really eats into my ability to make my own items in a timely fashion. As such, these services would cost extra. Feel free to haggle for them if interested.
  7. fun

    Flower, variation on theme

    well you could just use the patern to start a coif...
  8. fun

    Yet another byzantine chain....

    whats the other braclet there? judging from your injuries i'd guess it belonged to spot the beloved family komoto dragon lizard. wrong?