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  1. Daemon_Lotos

    Girlfriend wants chainmail bikini set

    The first two are completely transparent... The next two will be as well, the image is just small enough (and in one, the colours carefully chosen) to pretend... The final two MIGHT be modest, then again, they might not be, it's hard to tell... 14 or 16g is a big "big" for such a project... A very large "gap" to metal ratio... I'd use 18g something. (1/4 or 3/16) personally, it would allow a much more "skimpy" appearance while preserving modesty. Don't worry too much about "size" driving you nuts... I'm a 6'1 man with bear paws for hands... And I can work in tiny 26g rings... You'll do fine UtopiaArmoury has the market pretty much "weaved" up on Bikini's... You might want to check out some of his stuff... He's around on the forums here... Or used to be... But then, time flies for me... Etsy Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UtopiaArmoury As for material, Stainless, Annodized Aluminium, anything really... The key here is your closures!!! THINK ABOUT THIS... These rings are going to be close to skin, and sensitive skin at that... ANY sharp edges, are going to... Well... HURT! LOL
  2. Daemon_Lotos

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    Sure, and there was that one dude who survived falling out of an airplane... Doesn't mean I'd recommend it, or attempt to recreate it.
  3. Daemon_Lotos

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    Since you don't seem to be listening to anything that people who have watched demonstrations of chainmail failing against ammunition have to say, there really isn't much more to add to this post... Sidenote for future readers who are not seniorElMeowMeow: Chainmail does not stop bullets. Don't try this at home. Regardless of what anyone tells you or shows you. There's a reason we stopped using this stuff in WW1... The End. --- EDIT: I should clarify, I probably look like an asshole right now... And I don't care. In fact, I don't care if I piss you off, or if you think I'm a complete jerk. What I do care about, is that the next 15 year old kid who searches for Chainmail+Bullet on Google finds THIS post, and sees my warning. What I don't want him to find are silly "Hey, if you use this size, and this weave, it might work!" ideas... TL;DR; Chainmail is not bulletproof, bullet resistant, or generally compatible with bullets in any way.
  4. Daemon_Lotos

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    Not to mention, your list of "materials that will stop a bullet" includes: 20 gauge Stainless 16 gauge Mild Steel and 1/8 (I'm assuming inch) Aluminium. First of all, your gauge measurements have no system... Is it SWG or AWG? Who knows, but I assure you, it damn well matters. Secondly, I'd be willing to bet that's sheet metal. You know what's NOT sheet metal? Chainmail. You know what chainmail *IS*? Usually at least 50% air. How well does air stop a bullet fragment? How well does the human body stop a ring fragment? Why one EARTH would you want to make "bullet protection" out of something that is basically just shrapnel waiting to happen?! For the 10 billionth time in the history of chainmail forums... CHAINMAIL IS NOT BULLETPROOF Hell, it's hardly even bullet resistant... Sure, it will stop the bullet from entering your body whole, but arguably, a bunch of bits of metal entering your body instead without an exit wound means hours and hours of complicated surgery... Which is generally WORSE. Good luck with that. Yes I'm ranting. Yes I'm being condescending. Yes I desire to stop people ever thinking, for a split second, chainmail is effective AT ALL against bullets.
  5. Daemon_Lotos

    Niobium dissappointment

    Echoing Jon... Human skin chemistry can be remarkably different between individuals... My significant other's skin will literally "eat" certain metals... Hollow trigger clasps show large "holes" where her skin has eaten clean through... Your body may simply not be "Niobium Compatible"...
  6. Ontario is having a blowing snow weekend; I'm having a maille-prolific weekend.

  7. Daemon_Lotos

    Question about new pliers

    Xuron 475's... The *only* plier I recommend. I should note, that I don't really work in 16g or bigger anymore, so they're probably useless there... I use them from 18g all the way down to 32g. TRL sells them as: Xuron Short Nose Plier (KX475) $9.95 a pair, and they blow EVERY other plier I've ever tried, even in the $50 range, out of the water.
  8. Daemon_Lotos

    CGMaille.com Wrong Rings

    Important things to remember: Phong used to buy all his rings from TRL back in the day when working on these tuts, and almost exclusively (if memory serves) worked in Stainless Steel... Trust me, you won't believe the amount of disdain he gave me over not really using Stainless... Okay, maybe that was just one time... And we might have both been drinking, but I digress... TRL has changed their rings somewhat over the years, and now features much tighter tolerances than the early years, this may also have something to do with it... Bernice may be able to shed some light there. Dragonscale is one of those REALLY fiddly weaves, that takes a teeny bit of leg work to figure out ring sizes. M.A.I.L. recommends 16g 3/8" and 18g 3/16" based on AR, but Bernice's suggestion would also work. 5/16" is technically below the "minimum AR" for the larger ring, but as I stated, this is likely due to the rings Phong had back in the day being bigger than advertised. A lesson in purchasing calipers to measure rings, if I ever saw one.
  9. Daemon_Lotos

    Guide on Tumbling

    I, personally, don't cut stainless. So deburring stainless is off my list of familiarity. As far as polish goes, I have never used rouge, nor will I ever. In fact, I rarely use shot... A lot of people I trust swear by it, I own some, I've used it, but personally? I love me some corncob. But then, I'm not trying to get mirror shine out of stainless jewellery.
  10. Daemon_Lotos

    Importing from overseas

    Sounds like it's time to order in them fancy plastic pallet's... But wooden skids are far more common. In fact, I think I've only ever seen one shipment show up to our receiving dock, ever, on plastic.
  11. Daemon_Lotos

    Guide on Tumbling

    As with BA, it will remove oils, etc... But it won't create shine where there was none present in the base metal. You need an abrasive media for that. Rice is just absorbancy Rice works best on Aluminium, as it is aluminium that most frequently gets "dirty". But in a pinch, it'll probably rub tarnish off brass as well... But then, so will Brasso and a cloth. Aha, but in what kind of tumbler?
  12. Daemon_Lotos

    Guide on Tumbling

    You'll find that dry rice works on "Bright" aluminium basically, because it's "absorbing" the oils that make it dirty and fugly. Blue Dawn and *gasp*, I'm going to say it... ANY dish liquid will do the same job, as will any grease-cutter. One you move beyond Aluminium, you'll find rice and dish liquid suddenly stop working. If you want a better polish or something that will work with multiple metals, you want corncob or walnut... Corncob can be found locally as a pet bedding for rodents/other small creatures. An even better polish? Stainless Steel Pin Shot. As far as deburring goes, you want steel discs, and you'll want to polish after that deburr step. As far as tumblers go, a rotary will deburr far better than it polishes, and a vibratory will polish far better than it deburrs. Both will do both... But with a differing degree of efficiency. As far as personal experience, everyone has one, and everyone will be more than happy to share them with you Collecting them all in one place? That would lead to an entire list of contradictions
  13. Daemon_Lotos

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    Only in the US...
  14. Daemon_Lotos

    Hey just looking for insight!

    Never worked with that material myself, but in terms of pliers, TRL sells my favourite jewellery pliers... the Xuron 475's... (I blue handled, short nose pliers on the plier page) best $10 you'll ever spend on a pair of pliers. Trust me.
  15. Daemon_Lotos

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    While that's true, it still has to contain all the appropriate sections and warnings... They're not allowed to leave out "ingestion" for example, simply because nobody SHOULD ingest it during normal welding adtivities.