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  1. stome

    Captive Inverted Round frustration

    Just a side point here on your comment about having looked up what sizes work. That size does work. CIR is most often uses as structural mail. It not bending is most often what is intended. If you want flexing CIR you need to go to the very far end of the AR range. This is one of my favorite weaves but that is mostly because I make a lot of solid chainmail. If I was to make it for something not solid I would alternate between a segment of CIR and then one of just inverted round using smaller rings. -Edit- Much like Kittensoft above did with beads. Those are beautiful BTW.
  2. stome

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    Indeed. Have yet to lose a ring and I have been using the heavily since I got them. They really are all I had wanted them to be and then some.
  3. stome


    Yes that's what I meant by lessening the "stretch". As I am sure you noticed while working with it that E4-1 sort of stretches in one direction. Now if you had made the stretching direction top to bottom it would not have much of an effect putting 8-2 at the top. But looking closely at the pic it seems that you went left to right. This means 8-2 would cause it to pull in a bit. How much I really couldn't say. Another option is E6-1. Its not any big deal to attach it to 4-1 and I believe would have less of a shortening effect? (maybe someone wiser then I can confirm.) But it would not add as much extra weight as 8-2 would.
  4. stome


    Well the simplest way would be to use 8-2 (kings maille.) where you want more weight. Meaning you simply double the rings. Might not be elegant but often the simplest answer is the best. This will lessen the "stretch" of the weave though do keep that in mind. Personally I would avoid mixing metals on something that is going to see a fair deal of movement. While I have not tested it my gut tells me the steel would wear on the aluminum over time.
  5. stome

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Ohh.... Been looking forward to that welder.... Sadly have a vacation coming up that will eat most my free cash. Given how fast they sold least time I Will have to wait awhile I would bet.
  6. stome

    We're Moving!

    Tours?! Been wanting take another trip to Canada. Might have to consider the Toronto area this next time rather the BC.
  7. Maybe I am just cynical and a bit too used to dog eat dog and all that but when I first saw this new I had a bad feeling in my gut about out. Too often in today's world "new co-owner" means hostile take over, layoffs, drastic changes that are never for the better and so on. After reading this though I don't feel that way at all. So welcome sir, and thank you for making me just a little less cynical.
  8. stome

    TRL custom armour pliers review

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Was on vacation for awhile. I can't say much about jewellery use. The smallest I have used them on is 1/4 16g. Though I do feel smaller you would have trouble seeing what you are doing and getting into right spots. They are by no means tiny.
  9. So I have been hanging around here a long time but have never said much. None the less I have been a fan for the site and the products for Some time. For a long time I have had my eye on the custom modified pliers. But honestly had a hard time with the price. 40ish each is a bit hand to justify to myself. I was also sceptical of the claim that they are so good they don't need teeth to work thick stainless steel. Then I saw a post about the ergo grip sets being back in stock. I decided to bite the bullet and order them. So here is my thoughts on them. WHY DID I NOT BIY THEM SOONER... Seriously though I am in love with them. They are so much easier on my hands and I never lose my grip. I have not accidentally punched my workbench yet and that used to happen somewhat regularly. It took a bit to get used to no spring but now that I have I work a fair bit faster with these. Two thumbs up from me.
  10. Though if they are still for sale Kobraelite how do you feel about half payment up front and half on arrival? This way we share in the risk.
  11. Sadly those protections only apply to ebay or a registered paypal storefront. Not personal accounts. My guess is that his paypal is not a storefront account. No response yet also leads me to believe that they are no longer for sale sadly.
  12. stome

    BA ring rub off

    Better washing and a second washing. Skip the Polish. Will do. Thanks for the advice.
  13. stome

    BA ring rub off

    Both bought from TRL. I assume the wire and rings they sell are the same alloy? Honestly don't think it's skin chemistry as she has worn one of my older works (with the hand made rings.) since this incident without a peoble.m (slight rub off of course.) Maybe I just need a better cleaning method. Have been cleaning with hot water and dish soap. Soak for a few minutes then a light scrub and dry. Then I tumble it with chestnut shell plus a couple drops of Polish.
  14. stome

    BA ring rub off

    So I have been at this off and on 5 years now. Up until recently I have been making my own rings. But recently I have been making much more then I used too and decided it was time for some pre-made rings. Problem is there seems to be much more rub off the there is in the rings I made myself. I made my wife a neck corset out of 14g 5/16 rings. Cleaned and polished as I always have for BA. But after a couple hours of wear it left a shocking amount of black/grey rub off on her neck.In comparison I have made her a bra in the past from BA wire bought from TRL that I made the rings out of myself. This left far less rub off when worn for longer. So has anyone else had this problem? Perhaps know why it's happening, and most importantly does anyone have advice on what to do about it?
  15. You know what, I think I would love to have those. Get me your paypal info and I will put my shipping address in the payment comments. -edit- while I would still love to have them I see that you are a new account with only one post. I mean no offense but this makes me uneasy. I am just not so well off that I can afford to lose $70.