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  1. taqara

    Ruffles Bracelet

    I have an instruction sheet I would be happy to send you. Better yet, I'll just attach here and you can download it. It's a pretty basic pattern designed for those with some experience. If you have any other problems, just let me know. We just need to get you through the project with a bracelet on your wrist. 237Ruffles.pdf
  2. taqara

    Ruffles Bracelet

    European 4-1, BA rings, 6/0 beads
  3. taqara

    Ruffle Necklace

    European 4-1 pulled into "Ruffles"
  4. taqara

    For those of you who like to maille in bed...

    "Take Your Maille to Bed" would make a great t-shirt.
  5. taqara

    In The Market For A Lubricant Pump System

    The TOM pump will work fine with non-oil based lubricants, but regular cutting oil breaks down the diaphrams in the pump pretty quickly and your pump becomes little more than a low level vibrator. My first TOM AguaLifter lasted about a week with a good grade of cutting oil.