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    Scales (showing off and questions)

    Well, so far it's about 2500 scales, roughly double that in rings, and feels like about 15 pounds. I went with the stainless clad scales for this one for weight and looks, mostly, but I think after this is done and some tinkering I'll redo the shoulders or do a whole new suit in the black stainless. Maybe, if I'm feeling really confident, do some inlay work. Also, I think my next piece will be with split rings, because these regular ones, while easy to work, have given me a few problems here and there in terms of scales slipping out--my first test for mobility was hopping on the treadmill with this for an hour, and I shed a couple scales around the arm due to imperfect closure. Fixed it since, but wear and tear is going to become an issue, I think. That blue and gold piece is AWESOME, by the way. Very cool. How hard is inlay work, anyway? Do you work in patches? I think I'd go nuts. Coming from you, that means a lot! Like I said, very new to this, and your PDF has been a huge help. I spent a good week just fiddling about with my materials aimlessly until I found that. Thanks! I think I'll go with kind of a hybrid in terms of belt loops, and just remove one or two scales (replacing them in place with a ring) for each and bolting in leather loops. I like the idea of doing an entire band of mail, though. You'll post pics, right? I think I understand about the shoulders and doing the neckline, too. I just didn't know how well the scales would stay oriented if I made it wider, but from looking around a bit I think those worries were unfounded, indeed. Eh. It's a learning process. It's not like I don't have time to work on it and make adjustments--fair season here isn't until Fall, and they've got me working night shift at the hotel now. 8 straight hours of nothing to do is a good motivator for tweaking things. Thanks for the help, y'all! More scales and rings coming soon, so I'll update when I've gotten more work done on this one. The real test will come when I ride my bike around town armored up!
  2. Vigil

    Who doesn't like jack?

    That is pretty wicked awesome, I must say.
  3. Hi! So, yes, I'm relatively new here, although I've been working on this since about January, making it mostly at work--front desk at a not very busy hotel, usually about 3-4 hours total per work night--and I figured now that I had pictures I'd say hi and ask a few questions. This is by no means done, as I want to take it all the way to my knees and have elbow length sleeves, but I ran out of rings and must now wait for another paycheck to get more. So, yeah, decent stopping point, I suppose. This is what I have so far: The front. Back. Shoulders. More on this in a second. Flexin', to show how it moves. Well, ok. What I have so far is a good start, I think, but I need a tiny bit of advice on a couple of things: 1) The shoulders. For one, that top middle scale pops up regardless of how I try and work the weave to distribute the weight. Thinking of taking it out entirely and just putting a ring in its place. I'm hoping that the other issues will go away when I weave in the sleeves (more weight ought to pull them into alignment, I think). Am I missing something, or does anyone have any good tips? Any advice would be most welcome. 2) Belt loops. I want to put some in before I start extending downward, but I have no idea how you incorporate them into the weave. Take out a scale and bolt them in? Come down from under a scale? Has anyone done this? I'm not sure how to work them in. Thanks! Also, general critiques, criticisms and comments welcome. I'm really new to this, but I'm eager to learn more.
  4. Vigil

    Dragon inlay pouch

    Very cool! How long were you on call?
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    Was contemplating something similar in a sporran for my kilt. Wicked cool. The red and black is great.
  7. Vigil

    Klingon Battle Sash

    That's AWESOME. Is there some place you can get the little medals that go on it? I always thought Worf's sash was chain, but then sometimes it looked kind of funny, so I was never sure.
  8. Vigil

    New User Thread

    Hi! I'm new. Name's John, working on a scale hauberk in my vast amounts of spare time while working a hotel front desk. Got tired of seeing the forums here every time I googled something, so I figured it'd be easier to sign up and get involved. I have a habit of forum addiction, so I'll probably be around a lot. Nice to finally find a place to talk to people who are into all this!