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  1. Alexander

    Looking for yellow brass rings

    I miss the old yellow brass rings TRL used to carry. Looking for that material in 16 or 18g. I can buy or have interesting material to trade.
  2. Alexander

    FS: 3/16 16g Stainless steel - SOLD

    3,000 I mentioned above. Anyway, these have sold
  3. I have a bunch of 3/16 16g Stainless steel rings for sale. Approx 3,000. Asking $25 plus shipping. Or trade for brass. Located in the US
  4. Alexander

    Looking for 14g yellow brass

    I'm interested in 14g yellow brass that TRL used to have in stock.
  5. Alexander

    FS: 3/16 butted steel vest

    A vest made from butted 3/16 plated steel rings. Will comfortably fit someone sized XL-2X. Asking $130 plus shipping. Will consider trades. Thanks.
  6. Solid yellow brass scales. Approx 500 assembled scales with 150 bagged. And another 100 jeweler's brass in a bag.
  7. Alexander

    FS: Small yellow brass scales

    I have some yellow brass scales if anyone is interested(TRL discontinued). 200, maybe more. Trades considered for armor grade scales.
  8. Alexander

    Looking for scales

    I'm interested in armor grade scales, particurlarly small if anyone in the US is looking to trade/sell. Also if anyone has some tiny scales(or medium), to part with, I'd be interested in a sample.
  9. Alexander

    Looking for completed armor grade maille

    I have some of your material I acquired form other archivers. Good stuff. What would you charge for bands or even scrap material(I enjoy repairs), 4 1/2 inches wide by a foot?
  10. Two maille sections 1st one is 28.5 x 18 total. 2nd is 19 x 8 total. The flash photo made it too bright, but the maille is a dull gray. Probably galvanized, but I'm not certain. Open to trades also.
  11. Anyone have any stainless spring temper maille they're looking to part with? Partially weaved sections, rings, etc. Thanks
  12. Alexander

    Mantle maille vest - SOLD

    I'm building another one of these - http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/12339-mantle-maille-vest/?hl=mantle This one in black. I have the front and sides complete, and half the back. I ran out of the rings to complete it, so I'm asking to see if anyone is interested in a blackened mantle vest partially completed, or if they have the rings(preferably already assembled) to complete it. Using 16 gauge 5/16 blackened. Trades considered.
  13. Alexander

    Mantle maille vest

    Thanks. It was an indian import that I modified. 16 gauge 5/16 I believe and some 3/8 near the bottom edge.
  14. Alexander

    Mantle maille vest

    I took a large bishop's mantle and extended it into a full vest. Overall it was a successful project. The weight is better distributed across the chest and shoulders. Also looks pretty decent. I know I'm not the first to do this, but I haven't seen anything like it before.
  15. Alexander

    FS: 12 gauge copper rings - SOLD

    I will have to check.