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    Married, a professional long-arm quilter, avid reader, mother of 2 grown boys.
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    quilting/all needlearts, computer graphics, chainmaille, jewelry
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    PT newspaper graphics/photo producton-2nd job-factory worker
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    June 2007
  1. celticlady1155

    Beadsmith jumpring cutting pliers

    I would like to try to cut some 20 ga 1/8" enameled copper rings myself and I found this pair of pliers in one of my jewelry supply catalogs. Has anyone on the forum ever tried them and if so how easy are they to work with? Here is the link so you can see what they look like and description on how to use. http://www.amazon.com/Beadsmith-Jump-Ring-Cutting-Pliers/dp/B0053SHPLG Also recommendations for saw blade sizes to use? I've not cut any rings with a jeweler's saw before either. Virgin territory for me. Used flush cutters previously but like the saw cut look for my jewelry. Got stuck with some unexpected orders and not enough rings at the holidays. Ordered the rings I needed a week before Christmas, got the rings really fast in the mail and got the orders made with 2 days to spare. After that stressful experience, I decided I needed a back-up plan for just such an occasion in the future. I am not a fan of cutting them myself as I would rather use my time to make the end product and support my fellow ring makers for my supplies. It would just be nice to have the tools and know-how for emergencies. Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. celticlady1155


    Well, duh! I looked in the wrong section. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. celticlady1155

    Padding for Pliers for extended work (A thread spinoff)

    I'm going to have to give that a try. Maybe get some relief from "palm pain" and ring finger callouses.
  4. celticlady1155


    I've been making jacket chains for motorcycle jackets for a couple of years now from scales and have posted pics before. I went to order more scales and found that Ring Lord doesn't seem to carry the small stainless steel clad aluminum scales with mirror finish anymore! I'm crushed! If I can't get them anymore, I guess my unsold jacket chains will be one-of-a-kinds. I was so looking forward to making new designs with those scales.
  5. celticlady1155

    Padded work gloves for maileing

    Where do you buy these gloves retail? I looked at their website, but couldn't find any info on this. No email addy to inquire from company either.
  6. Anyone been to the Chippewa Falls ren fest this year yet? Was wondering if they have a chainmaille artist among their vendors. Was thinking of going this weekend as there may be only two weekends left, never been, and was curious to see what it was like in comparison to the Minnesota Ren Fest-Shakopee. Was invited to go last year and have my chainmaille juried to be a vendor for this year, but my hubby was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2010, and now my chainmaille making partner diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb of this year, it just doesn't look like its in the cards now. Maybe next year if things improve on the home front. Another missed opportunity.
  7. celticlady1155

    New weave

    I used 20 ga. 1/8" rings.
  8. celticlady1155

    New weave

    I'm so excited I finally figured out how to do this inverted spiral weave. Made a bunch of earrings with bright aluminum and enameled copper and put them on my Etsy site. (www.etsy.com/shop/celticlady1155) Here is a sampling.
  9. celticlady1155

    2011 Glenwood City Ren Fair

    Anyone have any current info on this venue? I've tried emailing the directors for the entertainment at the last email address I had for them but email is being bounced back as undeliverable. Any idea who I can contact for more information? Still interested in possibly being a vendor this year.
  10. celticlady1155

    New designs

    Yea, I finally was able to log on. Haven't posted since the change to new format. Still not sure exactly how to work this new system so pardon if I make mistakes. My sister and I have designed some new items I have not seen posted here before. She and her hubby are into motorcycles and go on these rides for charity on occasion. She wanted a decoration for the sleeve of her leather jacket, really liked the scales and wanted to incorporate them into the design. Once we made the first one, of course the ideas began to pop on how we could expand on the initial idea. We call them jacket chains or epaulet chains as that is how they are attached to the jacket, easily removable, not permanently affixed. We opened an Etsy store and put photos there. I will try to post a photo here if I can figure out how to do that. If I am not successful in posting the photo, anyone who is interested can go to our Etsy store to view them. We have quite a few designs and more ideas in the works. Any constructive criticism welcomed. www.etsy.com/shop/celticlady1155 Thanks for looking.
  11. celticlady1155

    Euro 6-in-1 Bangles

    I really like these bracelets. I am curious as to whether the grayish colored rings were rubber and where would you get that color rubber ring. I've looked everywhere but have never found gray rubber rings. I would like to make some bikini bra tops in bright aluminum and gray rubber rings would be perfect to give it a little stretch and blend nicely with the aluminum rings.
  12. celticlady1155

    Wisconsin Ren Faire

    I see the Wisconsin Ren Faire has their website home page up with new dates/location for 2010. Emailed contact person listed for more info as to being a vendor, but no reply. Anyone else know any of the details that they'd be willing to share?
  13. celticlady1155

    finger rings

    I would like to make some japanese lace finger rings in sterling or gold fill, but am not sure what size ring combos to use. Would be woman's size 5 ring. Want a very delicate appearance. Smallest rings I have worked with are 20 ga 3/32 using euro 4-1 weave, too plain jane for me. Have made exhaustive internet search for this info to come up empty. Plenty of photos, no stats. Thought I had seen something in a previous thread about such a ring using 20 ga 1/8 with 22 ga 5/64 but can't find now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. celticlady1155

    chainmaille shirt and coif

    thanks for the tips and the link. I think I will experiment with a smaller version that will fit 3 year old Lady Samantha or 8 year old Sir Alex just to learn expansion/contraction method. Once I have made a smaller working model and the method of construction is fixed in my mind, I think I could handle an adult sized hauberk and coif. 100 to 150 man hours to complete a project of this size sounds quite reasonable. I was guessing approx 20,000 rings as a good start.
  15. celticlady1155

    chainmaille shirt and coif

    I've been approached regarding making a chainmaille shirt and coif and need to know approx. how many rings I would need. I still have to get the person's measurements. (Based on a 6' tall man about 175 lbs.) Then I would need to find a basic shirt pattern or tutorial. I would need to give an estimate for several metals, ie gauge/ring size BA, Stainless steel, galvy, supplies and labor costs. Approx time factor for construction. Since there are quite a number of forum members that have made these items, I would appreciate any help or suggestions you could give. It would be for a ren fair performer whose character is a knight. I do not know at this point in time if it is for indoor or outdoor use. Whether or not any combat would be done with it on. I just need some preliminary numbers to give when I make initial contact.