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    Help with kingsmaille inlay

    I am doing an inlay using kingsmaille in 17g 1/4". The inlay parts are 16g 1/4". The AR does not work to do the kingsmaille weave in 16g1/4". So, I simply did the inlay portions in euro4 in1. The problem I am running into is the inlay portions are now very loose and sag when the piece is lifted as if it was going to be hung. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to accommodate for the looser weave. If at all possible I would prefer not to use any different rings because I have already met my materials budget. Thanks in advance!
  2. Vidtowen

    Help with kingsmaille inlay

    I put steel rings behind the green rings on every other row to reinforce the larger AR of the Anadoized Aluminum. You cannot do true kingsmaille with 16g 1/4"... I learned that after purchasing the 16g rings...
  3. Vidtowen

    Kingsmaille Inlay - ASC

    Kingsmaille inlay. 17g 1/4" galv. steel with 16g 1/4" Anodized Aluminum. Paw print in support of Adams State University Grizzlies.
  4. Vidtowen

    Help with kingsmaille inlay

    Finally! It is done! Working the back of every other row in the green portions helped with the looseness. The hangers are captive inverted.
  5. Vidtowen

    Help with kingsmaille inlay

    I have now finished the frame, but the green portions are still loose even when stretched. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  6. Vidtowen

    I love you in Chinese Calligraphy

    Ok it was my first attempt at "framing" maille. Its 17 gauge aluminum at 1/4" The tops and bottoms are framed with 3/8" wooden dowell and the sides 1/4" wooden dowells. Looking back on it I believe I should have not gone with the traditional side to side ring laying rather done up and down so it would not need the side framing. E 4 in 1.
  7. Vidtowen

    20 Hacky Sacks

    Hello, I have made 20 hacky sacks. They were originally intended for a company, but they have since backed out. Anyone interested in them please let me know!
  8. Vidtowen

    Steel Hacky Sack