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  1. hellhoundK

    found this on flickr

    Prolly works as a superior heat sink tho.
  2. hellhoundK

    work in progress

  3. hellhoundK

    work in progress

    Looks like a diagnal gridlock with an extra larger ring. It seems to sinch up. What military were you in? German?
  4. hellhoundK

    Fishing with scales

    There are some very very nice decorative, iridescent, multi-layer painted, spinner blades out there at Gander Mountain. If nothing else, great for accents on an inlay.
  5. hellhoundK

    For all the fans of bellydance

    Now maybe all she needs is better music :/
  6. hellhoundK

    New products i'd like to see

    100,000 scales minimum.... yup, hurts they'll do steel tho. with the price of copper the way it is, it's cheaper to do steel. if copper prices stay high, i'd bet they'll offer steel, tin or aluminum soon.
  7. hellhoundK

    New products i'd like to see

    I had to fake interest from all kinds of Celebes just to get them to do the scales they do (: But they know they're better for it (: If you really want them to carry more scales, your best move would be to make your own yourself and prove there is business interest that would make it equitable. That's pretty much how it went for the anodized they carry. Norse Dave. Maybe make a costume for a movie as a start. gl with that
  8. hellhoundK

    My First Project + Misc Questions.

    Or you could upload them to myspace in a locked un-viewable account or folder and right click the myspace image and copy the image URL. Then simply place the image URL in IMG tags in the "raw html" function on the boards here. The button for pure "un-auto-coded"/"raw html" txt is in the upper right hand corner of the gray box on your trl “edit post” page. Even less effort than with photo bucket.
  9. hellhoundK

    npsr large scale

    dunno, i've almost totaly melted some of the original batch of small nickel plaited scales without a hitch. The nickle held very well. It's hard to imagine these rings would be much different.
  10. hellhoundK

    npsr large scale

    have you tried it?
  11. hellhoundK

    npsr large scale

  12. hellhoundK

    npsr large scale

    The nickel plated steel split rings for the large scales warp open after passing over only the width of another split ring. Any chance the quality control on these could come up a little? Just the split ring pliers will even ruin about 40% The scales slip and get caught in the open split ring and make for a bit of a pain. Might also help if they were cut more swept and debured in ceramic media before nickel plating. Note, this is not a complaint. They’re cheap enough that it's not a major issue. Also they could stand to be made from heavier gauges and coined more deeply.
  13. hellhoundK

    Score and Break Stainless Steel

    Yes I understood (Deleted by user.)
  14. hellhoundK

    What is this weave?

    (Deleted by user.)