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  1. shadowwalker482

    Black Light Reactive Materials

    The glow in the dark rubber rings do as do the orange rubber rings. They are the only rings that i have used in items that have been used near a black light.
  2. shadowwalker482

    Favorite genre and movie

    here lately i have been watching all the different marvel comic book movies. Oh and real steel and 300 which i really enjoy because of how they did the fight scenes.
  3. shadowwalker482

    Favorite genre and movie

    Almost anything syfy and a lot of action. For favorites i don't think i have any that i like more than the others i have.
  4. shadowwalker482

    Jap 4-1 Bikini Help

    Krig no you do not need to change anything with that pattern. I have made tops like that for up what is called a H in the post above with no problems. Althrough this type of top does not provide a lot of surport so you should inform her of that fact.
  5. shadowwalker482

    Dyeing TRL's engineered plastic rings

    i have not tried to dye them but have painted some for a jap 4-1 top that has been used for the last week by an exortic dancer i know. after 1 week niether she or i could find any spots were the paint had been damaged at all will try to get pictures later this week.
  6. shadowwalker482


    i am in waterloo iowa but do differently plan on doing some traveling this summer just to meet some other mailliers that are close to me.
  7. shadowwalker482

    Chainmail Shoes

    i have made something like this out of 1/4" or 3/16" dia and 16 gade rings that where every comfortable to wear and the pattern was tight enough to keep most things out of them.
  8. shadowwalker482

    The last thing I expected to get for Christmas...

    yep they do I have two one small one that is not adjustable and another one that is adjustable.
  9. shadowwalker482

    Crystals and Chainmaille

    I have used beads lie that in a couple different weaves but in order to connect them i just used either a clear plastic thread or a piece of 22 or 24 gade wire to tie them in.
  10. Just finished an earring commission that consided of 50 each of nine styles in five to 12 different colors. god am I ever sick of earrings now

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    2. Katlee


      Yeah, I'm with vyking here. That's crazy! You definitely have more ambition than I do! Bravo!

    3. shadowwalker482


      I kind of cheated and did some while working oh and sorry i was half asleep when i posted the reply to katlee it was 6 weeks not 3, but as long as i have the rings ready i can make between 3 and 5 pair and hour.

    4. Katlee


      Still crazy! heh

  11. shadowwalker482

    Need Help Determining Ring Size

    20 ga. 1/8 in. dia. ring will give you a very cloth like material and is also light. I have a shirt made out of it and have had no problems with it coming apart except for the one time i cought it on a nail sticking out of the tree i was leaning against. shadow
  12. I would like to make the following inlays but can not figure out how to use POV-Ray to do it. The pictures i have are jpeg files. So do just drag and drop them in or do i have to change them to a different type of file? below are the two pictures i am talking about. They will be 2 feet by 3 feet and be made out of either 16g 1/4 AA.
  13. shadowwalker482

    Cosplay and armor project..a few questions for an amateur

    As a member of the SCA i can tell you that we do NOT use metal weapons. all weapons are made of rattan or pvc pipe and a few like axes or pole arms have rubber heads. just wanted to clear that up.
  14. shadowwalker482

    Anyone near Red Wing MN?

    hello i think i may be the next closes being just south of you in the waterloo, iowa area and while i do know a few others here that do do maillie they mostly do for themselves or for the S.C.A. . I would love to get together with others also. Shadow
  15. shadowwalker482

    need someone in aussie

    Sorry for not responding eariler the client has changed her mind again and now i am making the items for her thanks to those who responded. Shadow